Failure To Detect Kidney Cancer

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A doctor's inability to detect warning signs, interpret symptoms and promptly, properly diagnose kidney cancer can be harmful and potentially fatal for a hospital patient.

I am Eugene medical negligence lawyer Robert Miller. For more than 35 years, my law firm, the Law Office of Robert A. Miller, has aggressively protected the rights of people like you when an Oregon doctor's failure to detect kidney cancer proves harmful.

I know how doctors and hospitals are often unwilling to deal with patients regarding something that has gone wrong in a medical procedure. My in-depth investigation of how you were treated as a patient produces the answers I need - the facts that a hospital's insurance company cannot deny.

I work hard to win the maximum financial compensation you deserve, so you can deal with lost income from time off the job, medical expenses in an era of rising health care costs, and pain and suffering caused by medical negligence.

Patients are understandably frightened enough about a cancer diagnosis. These fears multiply when they do not receive a cancer diagnosis in a timely manner. When a doctor fails to detect cancer in time, the ability to effectively treat the disease is decreased - and medical consequences become more urgent.

If prior to a diagnosis of cancer a physician sent you home without a proper cancer detection tests or failed to accurately interpret a test, you should contact the Law Office of Robert A. Miller immediately for a free consultation. My investigators and I have been successful in helping many Oregon clients whose conditions worsened following a doctor's failure to diagnose kidney cancer. Call today: 541-359-4331.

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Symptoms of kidney cancer typically include:

  • A presence of red blood cells in urine
  • A detectable cancerous mass in the abdomen and
  • Pain following hydronephrosis, or obstruction of urine from the kidney

If your kidney cancer was allowed to advance untreated because of medical malpractice, I can meet with you to discuss your claim and bring my decades of legal experience to an aggressive protection of your rights - and your pursuit of maximum financial compensation.

My law firm has successfully handled a broad range of personal injury and medical malpractice cases, and we have the track record of success to go with it. I am a skilled trial lawyer and litigator who has obtained six- and seven-figure settlements and verdicts on behalf of severely injured clients.

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