Radiology Errors

Was Your Misdiagnosis Caused By Radiology Error?

Clinical imaging techniques - from X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds to sonograms - have undergone significant technological advances in recent decades. However, human errors continue to be the Achilles' heel of many medical procedures, including radiology.

Eugene Delayed X-Ray Diagnosis Attorney

My name is Robert Miller, and I am a medical malpractice lawyer in Eugene, Oregon. With over 35 years of experience in this area of the law, I have seen all manner of radiology errors. I have seen tumors as large as oranges overlooked by radiologists. The human eye and human brain continue to be essential components of any medical procedure, as fallible as they are, and when human negligence results in misdiagnosis of your medical condition, you may be entitled to compensation to help you cover economic damages (such as future medical expenses and lost wages) and noneconomic ones like pain and suffering.

The following are examples of radiology errors:

  • Failure to detect tumors and cancer
  • Failure to detect broken bones
  • Failure to detect aneurysms, pulmonary embolisms or blood clots
  • Failure to detect ruptured, herniated or fractured disks
  • Communication errors between the radiology department and your treating physician
  • Losing images
  • Delayed x-rays, causing unnecessary pain and even further injury
  • Injuries caused by dangerous drugs used in the imaging process such as dyes and sedatives

There is a risk involved whenever care teams from different departments of the hospital must collaborate - records can be lost, charts misplaced and information miscommunicated. You rely on the skill and professionalism of the radiology staff to view and interpret your clinical images and communicate that information to your treating physician on a timely basis. Errors, delays and negligence can have a devastating effect on your health since radiological review could very well serve as the basis for your treatment.