Attorneys Who Fight For Parents Of Stillborn Babies

At the Law Office of Robert A. Miller, we understand that the death of any child is tragic. If you suspect that the mistakes of a medical professional caused your newborn's death, contact our law firm immediately. Our lawyers will review the details of your child's delivery and act as your compassionate advocate throughout the legal process.

Our Eugene birth injury attorneys help parents and families across Oregon hold medical professionals accountable after the death of their loved ones. Our lawyers have represented clients with medical malpractice cases for over 70 years. We have an extensive knowledge of litigation and the defensive strategies used by medical providers in the courtroom.

We represent cases on a contingent-fee basis. This means you will pay legal fees only if we win compensation at the negotiation table or in the courtrooms.

Proven Attorneys For The Wrongful Death And Stillbirth Of Newborns

Hospitals and medical professionals will not tell parents about a medical mistake that resulted in the death of their child. This is why our lawyers and trusted medical professionals will investigate the medical care provided to your child before and during birth. Our attorneys will hold hospitals, midwives and other medical professionals responsible for their negligent actions.

There are many medical provider mistakes that can cause the stillbirth of a child, including:

If you believe that your child died because of a medical provider's negligence there are a few things to note. To file a wrongful death claim for a newborn, the child must be older than 24 weeks of gestation. Any Oregon birth before 24 weeks cannot file a wrongful death claim. It is also important that there is an autopsy after a newborn's death. Without the information provided by autopsy, it is difficult to prove why a stillbirth occurred.

We Fight For The Parents And Families Of Stillborn Babies

The attorneys at our law firm support our clients and aggressively litigate on their behalf. Our goal is to get you and your family compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and emotional harm.

For decades, our attorneys have fought for parents who lost their children because of a medical professional's negligent actions. We will work to find the reasons behind your child's death and make the medical providers accountable for their actions. To speak with a proven medical malpractice litigator and schedule your free case evaluation, call 541-359-4331 or email our law firm.