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What factors can make a pregnancy high-risk?

A pregnancy can be an exciting time for a women. For many women, they marvel at how their body can change to support a new life. While many people consider pregnancy a miracle, it is also a major medical situation. Pregnant women require regular prenatal care in order to ensure that the pregnancy is healthy and that the woman's body is responding appropriately.

You need experience after a medical malpractice fatality

Oregon residents see doctors quite frequently for everything from a flu shot to a broken bone, the birth of a baby to a routine physical. In these cases, people are relying on the expertise of the physician to assess their situation and protect their health. In many cases, Oregon doctors do just that. They work carefully to help people stay healthy or get better.

When can a family bring a wrongful death suit?

The sudden death of a loved one can be a big shock for a family. Families can be left with deep emotional turmoil and completely unable to see past their pain. In these situations, families may wonder if it is possible to hold someone responsible for the death of their beloved family member.

Negligent hospitals can be held responsible for your injuries

In times of medical crisis, Oregon residents rely on the skilled help of doctors and nurses in hospitals. In life threatening emergencies, even young children are taught to call 911 so that the person in trouble can be taken to an emergency room. Hospital staff, in particular emergency room doctors, are supposed to be trained to quickly and accurately assess a person's injuries. Once diagnosed, these same staff members are supposed to be able to fix the problem.

Baby suffers birth injury -- family awarded $1 million

In a recent article this blog explained that there are many reasons that birth injuries occur. As the post explained, one factor that can increase the risk of birth injuries is the size of the baby. When the baby is large, doctors may need to consider performing a cesarean section in order to avoid birth injuries.


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