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Common reasons for misdiagnosis

Accurately identifying certain diseases can be a challenge even for modern medical professionals. It is helpful for Oregon residents to understand the common reasons for misdiagnosis and what they should do if they are treated for the wrong conditions. A misdiagnosis can have serious health consequences and lead to unnecessary procedures, expenses and complications. While a great deal of research is being done to decrease the rates of misdiagnosis, many diseases are still commonly misdiagnosed.

Opioid use may be cause of many "dead in bed" cases

Hospital patients in Oregon who are prescribed opioid painkillers may be at risk for serious injuries. Opioids can significantly suppress a patient's respiratory system, which can the brain of oxygen. Some medical experts believe that fatal medication errors involving opioids are contributing to the increasing number of 'dead in bed" wrongful death lawsuits.

Rates for cervical cancer deaths higher than expected

Oregon oncologists might have learned that the rates of cervical cancer fatalities may be much higher than originally expected. A study published in the journal Cancer showed that black women were 77 percent more likely to die from cervical cancer than previously thought while white women were 47 percent more likely.

Stronger malpractice laws may not protect patients

Oregon patients who have been harmed by surgical errors may be interested to learn that stronger malpractice laws may not protect people like them. According to a study, such legislative efforts may actually lead to defensive medicine practices like ordering unnecessary tests in an attempt to avoid medical malpractice lawsuits.

When surgeons operate on the wrong body part or patient

When Oregon patients head into surgery, they expect their surgeon to complete the procedure properly. However, there are instances where surgeons operate on the incorrect side of the body, complete the wrong procedure or perform an operation that was intended for someone else.

ACS attributes decline in cancer deaths to multiple factors

Although cancer continues to threaten people's lives in Oregon, the American Cancer Society has released a report that shows that deaths from cancer have declined by 25 percent nationwide since 1991. Changes in medical procedures and lifestyle have contributed to this improvement.

Misunderstandings hamper endometriosis diagnoses

Wisconsin women who suffer from reproductive diseases might be interested in learning that medical professionals may have more difficulty diagnosing certain problematic conditions. Endometriosis, an ailment characterized by the uterus' internal endometrium lining growing outside of the organ, is known to cause infertility, pain that worsens over time and a number of other symptoms.

Parents sue over slow removal of swallowed button battery

Oregon parents of young children may be aware of the dangers of button batteries. Shaped like small coins, they can be easily swallowed by toddlers, causing permanent injuries or death. According to the National Capital Poison Center, button batteries were swallowed by over 1,900 children in 2015, and 20 of these incidents caused the deaths or serious injuries of children under the age of 6.


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