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February 2018 Archives

Three tips for coping with birth injuries

No one expects the experience of giving birth to be easy and pleasant. It always has its difficulties, but sometimes it is a traumatic experience. If you experience complications during childbirth, your child may sustain birth injuries. This can be a devastating realization.

What is placental abruption?

If you are an Oregon expectant mother, your health and that of your developing baby is foremost in your mind. As you progress into your third trimester, one of the things you should be on the lookout for are the symptoms of placental abruption, a rare but very serious complication of some pregnancies.

What is the statute of limitations for malpractice?

The statute of limitations in Oregon— a law that determines the amount of time you have to bring legal action— is a complicated document. That is largely due to the fact that the document covers all potential actions you might want to initiate, not solely those related to medical malpractice. 


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