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Understanding birth asphyxia

At the Law Office of Robert A. Miller in Oregon, we know how devastating a birth injury can be, not only for your baby, but also for yourself and other family members. While some birth injuries are more catastrophic than others, all of them are catastrophic for you since they affect your precious baby’s immediate and possibly future health and welfare.

Doctors are not immune to factors compromising work performance

Once somebody becomes a medical doctor, he or she has typically completed over a decade of education in the field. The path to this profession is stringent for a reason—the task of doctors is to care for people's lives and well-being. With a responsibility this serious, it is imperative that providers be experts. The prestige of the position lends some patients to develop the impression that doctors cannot make errors.

Birth injury or birth defect: which is which?

As an expectant Oregon mother, you undoubtedly think a lot about your growing baby’s development and health. You look forward to his or her birth as one of the happiest days of your life. Occasionally, however, you may worry that your baby will receive a birth injury or that (s)he might be born with a birth defect.


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