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How much responsibility do nurses bear for your health?

When you check into an Oregon hospital, you expect competency, skill and compassion from your doctors, nurses and all other hospital personnel. Unfortunately, some of these people may not meet your expectations. Nursing errors or neglect, in particular, may impact you more negatively than those of other health care professionals because your nurses are the people who have the most contact with you and vice versa. Therefore, if they make a mistake, it could endanger your life

Is an episiotomy really necessary?

As an expectant Oregon mother, you undoubtedly look forward to your baby’s literal birth day with great pleasure and excitement. The last thing on your mind is the pain you may suffer during the labor and delivery process. Nevertheless, one of the things you should carefully consider ahead of the great day is whether or not you want an episiotomy, the small cut your OB/GYN makes in your perineum so as to make your baby’s birth easier.

Misdiagnosis: More common than some may think

Every year, millions of people across the United States visit outpatient clinics and emergency rooms in hopes of finding a diagnosis to whatever is ailing them. People put their trust in health care professionals and expect them to perform the proper screenings and tests that will alert them to the problem. Surprisingly, studies have found that 12 million Americans who are treated in these settings are misdiagnosed or are not given a diagnosis at all. This is according to a study released in BMJ Quality & Safety. In approximately six million of those cases, patients faced potential harm because of the misdiagnosis. Wrongful diagnosis can lead to a myriad of injuries, including those that may harm a pregnancy or cause birth injuries. Why are doctors misdiagnosing patients at such an alarming rate?


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