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There is sometimes a hidden cause for abnormal birth injuries

Have you considered everyone involved in your birth injury? Even if you trust your OB-GYN or primary physician, there could be some negligence or delay that was caused by another party. At the Law Office of Robert A. Miller, we sometimes find that imaging and related issues are responsible for our clients' injuries.

If you had a radiology medical malpractice claim, it would probably fall into one of two main categories. The first category would be egregious communication errors, and the second would contain all interpretation mistakes or oversights.

Many doctors may refer you to other businesses for your ultrasound or other imaging. Even some Oregon hospitals may not own the expensive and specialized equipment necessary to diagnose every condition you or your child might have. This could lead to several types of inter-instutional errors, such as delays in your imaging, failure to communicate results to the proper caregivers or even the loss of records.

Another possible contributing factor to your unnecessary injuries could simply be human error. Imaging technicians undergo training to recognize various things. Failure to notice these crucial problems could constitute medical malpractice by the people you count on for diagnosis and screening.

Even if imaging errors are not directly responsible for an injury, an investigation into this issue could start to reveal the real reason for the medical mistake. Records departments, surgeons and nurses all play a role in your care in the Oregon medical system, and they could all bear part or all of the responsibility for a breach of ethics or duty. Please read more on our main site.

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