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November 2019 Archives

Doctors ignored woman's symptoms, causing birth injuries

A mother is suing multiple doctors who allegedly ignored the warning signs of a very serious condition. She says that since she did not receive adequate medical attention, her son was born with multiple birth injuries. Her medical malpractice lawsuit does not include a specific amount for damages, but the annual cost of providing her son with necessary medical care is around six figures. This cost is not uncommon for Oregon families in similar situations.

Cancer ranks high in deadly illnesses that are misdiagnosed

Everyone makes mistakes—even at work. That includes doctors too. While most of us might think of those stories about doctors operating on the wrong knee or leaving a sponge inside a patient, only to be found years later, doctors also misdiagnose patient illnesses. Sometimes, that can cause life-altering consequences, even death.

Mother awarded $101 million for son's birth injuries

Parents spend months getting ready to welcome their new baby into the world. Unfortunately, all it takes is one negligent mistake or error to change all of those carefully laid plans. For Oregon parents who are raising children injured by birth injuries, the reality of this situation can be especially difficult. However, it is possible to hold negligent doctors, nurses and hospitals responsible for their actions.

Woman's birth-related injury goes undiagnosed for over one year

Advances made in medicine in recent years have caused childbirth to be viewed as a fairly routine procedure. While expectant mothers in Oregon certainly should not fear that they will be harmed while giving birth to their babies, delivery is still a traumatic process that certainly does take its toll on a woman. Part of that toll may indeed be an injury, yet the hope is that any damage that is done during delivery will be quickly identified and dealt with. If it is not, it can linger within a woman and even progress to the point of causing serious health complications


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