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How Do I Know if I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

We know that when you're suffering from an injury or severe medical problems, it can take a major toll on your family and your finances. If you feel your medical problems have been caused by malpractice, you want to protect your family from mounting costs.

What To Expect: What Will a Preeclampsia Medical Malpractice Case Look Like?

In our previous blog posts, we walked you through a few potential signs that would lead to a medical malpractice case if you suffered from preeclampsia. Today, we want to talk about the steps that will happen should you move forward with a medical malpractice case.

Oregon House passes new medical malpractice bill

In a move that will undoubtedly change the face of medical malpractice litigation in Oregon, the state House recently passed a bill offering mediation of medical malpractice claims. This was the bill's final step before reaching the desk of Oregon's governor. Senate Bill 483 easily passed the Senate and House. It is expected that Gov. John Kitzhaber will soon sign the bill into law.

Painful neurological disorder often goes undiagnosed

The failure to diagnose a disease can be one of the most frustrating and difficult experiences encountered by Oregonians. Not only does a misdiagnosis often cause further physical pain and suffering, it can be emotionally exhausting to experience symptoms for which there seems to be no answer. This sentiment is one that can be shared throughout the state by those suffering from Central Pain Syndrome.

Neurosurgeon's medical mistake gives rise to malpractice claims

Oregon patients trust that they are receiving the b est medical care from their doctors and the other members of their medical team. While most of the time patients can rest assured they are being treated by competent medical hands, medical mistakes can happen. Mistakes such as accidental overdoses and anesthesia errors can result in injuries to the patient and even lead to a wrongful death claim.

Hospital safety program successful in preventing medical mistakes

When going to a hospital for treatment, Oregon patients expect the best care from all their caregivers. Medical mistakes can happen, however, resulting in serious injury or even wrongful death in extreme cases.

Pregnancy-related injury at clinic sparks lawsuit

Pregnancy-related injuries suffered by Oregon women at the hands of negligent staff can be devastating. An injury to the mother may have serious, long-lasting consequences. When these injuries are the result of preventable errors or negligence, recovery against those at fault may be possible.

Medical malpractice reform ideas inch ahead in Oregon

The healthcare industry in Oregon and the rest of the country is generally acknowledged to be in a major state of disarray. That's part of the inspiration behind such reform measures as the federal Affordable Care Act. Among the issues that gets a lot of rhetorical and media attention is that of civil litigation over claims of medical malpractice for such matters as doctor and hospital negligence resulting in injury, misdiagnoses and even wrongful death.

Be wary if your doctor uses phone dictation to take notes

Medical errors can be caused by many factors. Previously cited culprits include unforeseen interactions between medications, increased stress on doctors, and perhaps even just old fashioned poor communication. A new addition to the list of medical malpractice contributors might surprise you: phone dictation.


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