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How harmful is umbilical cord compression?

During your pregnancy, the umbilical cord is a literal lifeline between you and your unborn baby, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the baby. When the cord is compromised for longer than a few moments, your baby’s health and safety may be at risk. However, mild umbilical cord compression can be a normal part of most pregnancies. You and other Oregon mothers-to-be may want to educate yourselves on when cord compression is not a cause for concern, and when it can become a complication.

Maternal deaths a problem in the U.S.

Pregnant women in Oregon and their family members should be able to focus on the joy and excitement of the new life that is on its way into the world. However, the reality remains that pregnancy and childbirth are medical conditions and events and during these things, problems can arise. Unfortunately, it seems that the number of these problems happening across the United States that put mothers at risk of dying is growing.

How are pregnant mothers prepared for a C-section?

Doctors may have a number of grounds to advise expectant Oregon mothers to have a cesarean section to deliver their baby. According to Healthline, mothers could need a C-section because of complications with the pregnancy, or if the baby is not positioned properly to exit the birth canal, among many other reasons. If you have been told a cesarean section is in the best interests of your baby, your doctor should undertake a number of preparations before your undergo the procedure.

Who is to blame for the high maternal death rate?

If you are a pregnant Oregon female, it undoubtedly will shock you to learn that the United States has one of the highest maternal death rates in the developed world. Now a new investigation and report by USA Today reveals that most states, including Oregon, do not even scrutinize maternal deaths, or if they do, fail to include data relating to the medical care pregnant women receive.

Why is prenatal care so important?

As an Oregon expectant mom, your health and that of your growing baby should be your primary concern. To ensure that both of you stay as healthy as possible, you need to see your OB/GYN as early as possible in your pregnancy and continue to visit him or her frequently while you are pregnant. The Office of Women’s Health points out that if you fail to get this vital prenatal care, your baby is three times more likely to have a low birth weight. More alarming still, (s)he has a five times higher risk of dying.

Is an episiotomy really necessary?

As an expectant Oregon mother, you undoubtedly look forward to your baby’s literal birth day with great pleasure and excitement. The last thing on your mind is the pain you may suffer during the labor and delivery process. Nevertheless, one of the things you should carefully consider ahead of the great day is whether or not you want an episiotomy, the small cut your OB/GYN makes in your perineum so as to make your baby’s birth easier.

What are common symptoms of preeclampsia?

You usually expect your pregnancy to be uneventful. Sometimes, though, you might develop a condition called preeclampsia. A previous blog discussed the dangers of this condition when it is undiagnosed. To speak to your doctor about preeclampsia, you need to recognize the symptoms.

What pregnancy risks do older women face?

If you are an “older” woman in Oregon, you face a difficult decision when it comes to getting pregnant. Although 35 definitely is not old by any other standard, it is with regard to pregnancy. There are many reasons why you may have delayed becoming a mother. You wanted to complete your education. You wanted to start a career. Now, however, your biological clock is ticking and you are running out of time to have your first child.


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