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Study finds delay in diagnosis of breast cancer among Latinas

Researchers recently found that the language barrier in American hospitals is putting the lives of Latina breast cancer patients at risk. The researchers discovered a lack of Spanish-language resources for cancer patients. This can lead not only to a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer after mammograms, but also a failure to diagnose the disease altogether. These problems are causing Latinas to be diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, and thus giving them less of a chance of survival.

Study finds ovarian cancer patients not getting proper treatment

The failure to diagnose cancer is one of the most serious and heartbreaking medical mistakes a Eugene resident can experience in his or her lifetime. Not only does a misdiagnosis result in a delay of treatment, the mistake often proves to be deadly for innocent patients. Oregon residents may not be aware that one of the most commonly misdiagnosed forms of the disease is ovarian cancer.

Undiagnosed bladder cancer can be fatal for Oregon patients

As previously discussed on our Oregon medical malpractice blog, misdiagnosed cancer poses a serious threat to patients. A failure to diagnose cancer can result in a delay of treatment. In many cases, this can be fatal. Readers of our blog may not be aware that bladder cancer is often deadly, as it has one of the highest reoccurrence rates among the various types of cancer.

Neurosurgeon's medical mistake gives rise to malpractice claims

Oregon patients trust that they are receiving the b est medical care from their doctors and the other members of their medical team. While most of the time patients can rest assured they are being treated by competent medical hands, medical mistakes can happen. Mistakes such as accidental overdoses and anesthesia errors can result in injuries to the patient and even lead to a wrongful death claim.

The best treatment for prostate cancer might be no treatment

Each year, about 17 percent of men in Oregon and nationwide will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Upon receiving this news, most men opt for aggressive treatment options, despite the accompanying long-term side effects of that choice. However, a new study suggests that may be the wrong choice.

Delayed cancer diagnosis may have ruined woman's chances

In the war against colon cancer -- the third most commonly diagnosed cancer -- early screening and testing might be the strongest weapons. If detected early, doctors might be able to remove polyps, or growths on the colon wall, before they become malignant.


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