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Your child deserves a strong advocate following a birth injury

Most parents want the best for their children. They want their children to have more than they did growing up -- more fun, a better education, better healthcare and more. Many Oregon parents spend the duration of the woman's pregnancy preparing for birth and their new baby. They take classes, they read books, they research baby products and more, trying to be prepared to make all the best decisions once the baby is born.

The dangers of asphyxia at birth

Welcoming a new baby is supposed to be a time of great happiness for Oregon families. However, most people rely on the expertise of doctors, nurses and hospital staff to ensure that their babies are born healthy and happy. When these medical professionals do not follow the correct procedures, fail to diagnose issues or use poor judgment, mistakes can happen that threaten the health and lives of both the mother and the baby.

What are the signs of cerebral palsy?

The birth of a child is supposed to be a time of happiness. Yet, all too often the birthing process goes wrong and children wind up seriously injured. Though sometimes these harms are so severe they are immediately obvious, others may require an attentive eye to catch. However, all birth injuries, whether seemingly serious or minor, can have a significant impact on a child's life. Therefore, parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of some of the more common types of birth injuries.

Oregon couple sues doctors, hospital over serious birth injury

Though expecting parents do not like to hear it, things can go wrong during the birthing process. The good news, though, is that doctors are typically well-trained to handle these situations and to deliver the child without harm to him or her or the mother. However, sometimes errors in judgment occur and completely preventable, senseless harm befalls an innocent baby. When this happens, parents should seek to hold accountable the negligent medical professionals who harmed their child while at the same time seeking to recover damages.

Oregon hospital sued for serious birth injuries

Life is a fragile thing, especially when a life is that of a newborn child. The birthing process, though a tough, yet joyous one, is often fraught with medical complexities. While some of these problems are unexpected and unavoidable, others are completely preventable. Sadly, sometimes mothers and their newborn babies are subjected to these preventable errors and serious injuries result.

Nurses' delay causes serious birth injury

Delivering a baby is a delicate process. Though many think doctors are well-equipped to handle these situations, there are other medical professionals who must also perform their duties adequately in order for the child to be born safely without harm to the mother. A mistake caused by any member of the delivery team can cause irreparable harm to the baby, the mother or both.

Baby dies after doctor error causes skull and spinal injuries

Delivering a baby safely requires a lot of skill, quick decision making, and extreme care. Newborns are so fragile that a single slip or pull in the wrong direction can be tragic, leaving the baby with a serious birth injury. When this happens, the child may be left with life-long pain and suffering and may be unable to live a normal life. Parents, too, suffer harm, as caring for conditions such as a brain injury, including cerebral palsy, can be costly. Therefore, parents whose child suffers a birth injury due to a doctor error should consider acting on their legal rights.

Doctor error leaves baby with cerebral palsy, family wins lawsuit

When it comes to delivering a baby, medical professionals have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they have to deliver the baby in a way that protects its health, but they must also ensure the health of the mother. A seemingly minor slipup could be tragic, causing a serious birth injury or death. In the event this happens, Oregon families should be aware of what they can do to recover their emotional, physical and financial damages.

Study finds link between home births and neonatal complications

Preventable birth injuries often present the most heart-breaking of medical malpractice cases. An injury during the delivery process can result in life-long, serious injuries to an infant. These types of injuries can happen at the most state-of-the-art Oregon medical facility, as well as during home births. However, Eugene families should be aware of the findings of a new study linking increased neonatal complications to homebirths.

$25 million malpractice suit filed against OHSU for birth injury

Every day, breech babies are born to Oregon parents. It is common knowledge that a regular delivery of a breech baby poses significant risks to both mother and child. Cesarean sections are generally performed when babies are breech. It was in one of these cases that a mother scheduled a c-section for the delivery of her breech baby. A sad chain of events unfortunately caused her son to suffer from a serious birth injury during the delivery process.


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