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Hospital settles suit with Oregon women over doctor misconduct

People place extraordinary amounts of trust and faith into hospitals. Most people are not able to handle complex medical care on their own; therefore, people turn to these institutions when they are sick and need experts to help. In many cases, Oregon hospitals are able to handle people's medical needs to ensure that they recover. However, there are situations where hospitals fail their patients and people suffer.

Misdiagnosis of Oregon patients by ER doctors

Emergency rooms are perhaps one of the most vulnerable places for Oregonians when it comes to misdiagnosis and other acts of malpractice. By their nature, ERs are a place sought by patients who need medical care on an emergency basis. This can be a breeding ground for Hospital negligence claims as doctors and other medical staff make mistakes when rushing to care for patients, or doing so without a complete understanding of a patient's medical history.

Emergency room patients face more overcrowding

Oregon patients requiring emergency care may be at greater risk of injuries caused by emergency room negligence, based on an interpretation of a recently published study.


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