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Common causes of birth injuries

The birth of a baby should be an extraordinary time for a family. Welcoming a new member of a family should bring nothing but joy. But, for many families a birth injury turns a happy time into a family's worst nightmare. A birth injury can include any number of physical problems for an infant. They can include broken blood vessels, broken collarbones, facial nerve injuries or swelling of the face or head. More serious injuries -- including death -- can also occur.

Doctor error leaves baby with cerebral palsy, family wins lawsuit

When it comes to delivering a baby, medical professionals have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they have to deliver the baby in a way that protects its health, but they must also ensure the health of the mother. A seemingly minor slipup could be tragic, causing a serious birth injury or death. In the event this happens, Oregon families should be aware of what they can do to recover their emotional, physical and financial damages.

Family wins birth injury lawsuit stemming from delayed C-section

When a mother awaits the birth of her child, she may be overcome with joy. Yet, the birthing process is a fragile one, and one which medical professionals should approach carefully. A failure to do so may result in a serious birth injury, leaving a newborn child severely debilitated for the rest of his or her life. A lawsuit surrounding one of these mishaps was recently adjudged, with the injured child's family recovering millions.

$9 million settlement reached in birth injury lawsuit

Birth injuries are among some of the most devastating consequences of medical malpractice. An otherwise healthy infant can suffer serious injuries, permanent disabilities and even death at the hands of a negligent provider. When these types of preventable errors occur, malpractice laws give Oregon victims and their families the ability to obtain compensation against the responsible parties.

$4 million awarded to mother and child in birth injury case

The birth of a newborn is a joyous time for Oregon parents and families. Trusting in the competence of medical professionals, most new parents never contemplate something going wrong during the birth process. Unfortunately, negligent doctors and medical staff are responsible for Birth injuries on a regular basis. Some of these injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, may heal over time. Other injuries may cause permanent disabilities or even death to a mother and her child.


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