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How many medical malpractice claims are made in Oregon?

Oregon residents expect that their doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will treat them with the utmost care. Medical professionals are supposed to be highly trained to recognize and treat complicated medical procedures using the newest technology and research. It can be devastating when doctors fail to meet or exceed this expectation. A doctor error can often result in serious injuries and death.

Wrongful death lawsuit underway in retained sponge case

It is a terrifying reality that mistakes happen in the operating room. An exhausted or inattentive nurse or doctor can make an inaccurate incision, nick an organ, operate on the wrong body part (or even the wrong patient), or leave a foreign object inside a patient. All of these doctor errors can cause significant harm to a patient. He or she may be left with a worsened medical condition that causes severe pain and suffering. In the worst cases, these instances are fatal.

Improper intubation leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Unfortunately, many Oregonians have had or will have a medical scare in their lifetime. The good news is that medical professionals are on standby, ready to help those in need of help. In many instances, these highly educated and trained individuals are able to quickly and adequately treat patients, leaving them better off. All too often, though, a medical mistake occurs, and a patient is harmed, sometimes fatally.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after woman not given pain killer

Many patients consider it a good thing to be discharged from the hospital. While this is true in many instances, in others a discharge can be dangerous if not carried out appropriately. For example, a lawsuit has been filed against a doctor and a hospital after a woman was discharged without proper pain medication which, according to the lawsuit, caused the woman to die from a stroke. The woman, who was suffering extreme pain, was not given morphine or a prescription for the drug upon her discharge. Later, high blood pressure, allegedly caused by her trying to cope with the pain, caused a fatal hypertensive stroke.

Medical mistake regarding prescription may have caused death

Prescription drugs have revolutionized medicine. In some instances, a single pill can reduce or eliminate symptoms while others might even completely eradicate an individual's illness. But prescribing and administering these medications is a science, requiring care and precision. A seemingly minor mistake in either of these areas can be tragic, and might leave an individual dead.

Lawsuit: face lift leads to death after doctor mistake

Every year many Oregonians choose to go under the knife for the sake of outward appearances. Face lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks can all help an individual reach his or her ideal of beauty, but they can also put a patient at risk of a serious medical mistake. In fact, a recently filed lawsuit claims a doctor mistake led to a 73-year-old man's death.

Wrongful death suit filed after stomach stapled without consent

Many of Oregon's residents seek ways to help them lose weight. When dieting and exercise is not enough, these individuals turn to medications and surgical procedures. With a proven track record of success, such measures, when carried out appropriately, can significantly impact an individual's health for the better. However, when it comes to weight loss surgeries, just as with any operations, avoidable complications can arise that leaves a patient in grim danger.

Family wins wrongful death lawsuit in lack of blood case

Going under the knife for a Eugene medical operation can be scary. One's mind can be plagued with thoughts of things that can go wrong, such as wrong-site surgeries, nicked organs and unnecessary surgeries. Unfortunately, these occurrences are frequent enough to cause palpable concern, and, when a medical mistake does happen, it can be a fatal accident.

New rules aimed at malpractice during office-based surgeries

Every day, thousands of Oregonians undergo surgeries or see physicians for a variety of medical conditions. Especially when it comes to out patient surgery, most patients have little to fear and never expect problems to arise. Unfortunately, even the most reputable doctors and medical facilities can make mistakes. All too often, these medical mistakes can result in a fatal accident and a Wrongful death claim.

Nursing homes heavily fined following deaths of three residents

When placing a loved one in a nursing home, Oregonians are literally placing their loved one's health and lives in the hands of the facility. Unfortunately, the health and mental state of nursing home residents often makes them extremely vulnerable to negligence or acts of medical malpractice. Even the smallest mistake can have catastrophic consequences. All too often, these mistakes can result in the wrongful death of a nursing home resident.


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