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How many medical malpractice claims are made in Oregon?

Oregon residents expect that their doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will treat them with the utmost care. Medical professionals are supposed to be highly trained to recognize and treat complicated medical procedures using the newest technology and research. It can be devastating when doctors fail to meet or exceed this expectation. A doctor error can often result in serious injuries and death.

Improper intubation leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Unfortunately, many Oregonians have had or will have a medical scare in their lifetime. The good news is that medical professionals are on standby, ready to help those in need of help. In many instances, these highly educated and trained individuals are able to quickly and adequately treat patients, leaving them better off. All too often, though, a medical mistake occurs, and a patient is harmed, sometimes fatally.

Medical mistake may have caused woman to freeze to death

Many Oregon residents may have had nightmares of being buried alive or waking up in the middle of a medical procedure, but we often chalk those nightmares up as that, bad dreams. Yet, sometimes nightmares manifest themselves in reality. When this occurs in the medical context, the results can be devastating, causing death.

Family wins lawsuit after fatal medical mistake claims daughter

The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion. Yet, the birthing process is a fragile one, especially when a child is born prematurely. Medical professionals must rely on their education, training and experience to ensure these babies are treated safely and effectively. Sometimes, though, a medical mistake is made that can leave a newborn seriously injured or dead.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after heart attack mistreated

The emergency room can be life-saving. Experienced doctors and nurses typically make accurate diagnoses and treat them quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, though, medical mistakes are made and unsuspecting patients and their families fall victim. In addition to the obvious physical and emotional harm that can befall these individuals, financial losses can also have a devastating impact.

Doctor sued for wrongful death after patient overdoses

Medications have become so common in our society that many patients take what is prescribed to them without much thought. In most cases, the results are positive as doctors have relied on their education, training and expertise to prescribe appropriate, effective drugs in the correct dosages. Sometimes, though, doctors make medication errors that can cause severe adverse effects and even death.

Wrongful death lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis caused boy to die

Accidents happen. When Oregonians find themselves the victim of a car accident, slip and fall or any other kind of mishap, they often need medical attention. Many of these cases require minimal care and heal quite quickly. Some, though, are more damaging than they first appear. Yet, if a doctor is not attentive and does not accurately give and read test results, a serious condition can go unnoticed.

Woman dies when doctors fail to diagnose coronary artery disease

People go to the emergency room for a whole host of reasons. Some of the injuries are minor in comparison other major, more life-threatening conditions with which some come to the emergency room. One sign of a serious condition, and one symptom doctors take very seriously, is chest pain. When an individual is experiencing tightness or pain in the chest, he or she may need immediate care and should undergo appropriate testing to discover any underlying conditions.

Woman dies when doctors fail to catch easily curable blood clot

Medical advances can turn the deadly medical conditions of yesterday into the easily curable conditions of today. However, curing such conditions today is still dependent on a doctor's ability to provide an accurate diagnosis. Failing to do so can allow that easily detectable and remediable ailment to once again turn deadly. Oregon families should take note of what they can do should such a tragic event strike them.

Family loses loved one after hospital fails to perform tests

In order to provide adequate healthcare, all doctors, including those in Oregon, must consider many factors and perform many duties. These professionals should take into account a patient's personal and familial medical history, perform in-depth examinations, make accurate diagnosis, and recommend and perform proper treatment. While this seems like a lot, doctors spend years cultivating the education and experience to perform these duties in an accurate, efficient and safe manner. Yet, sometimes mistakes happen, and when they do patients are put at serious risk of harm.


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