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The Different Kinds of Medical Malpractice and What they Mean

Going to the doctor can be an unpleasant experience. Between the stress, waiting to be seen and worrying about how much it will cost, the last thing you'd want is to worry about the quality of care you receive. Unfortunately, thousands of people experience unsatisfactory, or even sub-par care, from doctors resulting in medical malpractice suits.

Painful neurological disorder often goes undiagnosed

The failure to diagnose a disease can be one of the most frustrating and difficult experiences encountered by Oregonians. Not only does a misdiagnosis often cause further physical pain and suffering, it can be emotionally exhausting to experience symptoms for which there seems to be no answer. This sentiment is one that can be shared throughout the state by those suffering from Central Pain Syndrome.

Roseburg chiropractor faces two-year suspension of license

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog know that all medical malpractice claims are unique. Although claims are generally thought to be the product of doctor or hospital staff negligence, that is not always the case.

Delayed cancer diagnosis in family with rare gene mutation

As discussed in previous blog posts, time is of the essence to properly diagnose a multitude of medical conditions, including cancer. A failure to diagnose cancer can have serious and deadly consequences. As a result, Oregonians can suffer from delayed treatment or terminal health conditions.

Malpractice claims filed for reckless prescription of pain meds

Medical mistakes can have serious consequences for Oregon patients. A doctor mistake such as an overdose, prescription error or misdiagnosis of a fatal condition can lead to the wrongful death of a patient. In one such case, a physician is now facing a formal complaint before the state medical licensing board after an emergency suspension of his medical license. Several patients of the doctor have died from drug toxicity.

Daughters file wrongful death claim against doctor and hospital

Oregonians may be surprised to know that despite advancements in medical technology, medical mistakes happen. In the most serious of cases, a medical mistake can be fatal for the patient and lead to a wrongful death claim. A death is wrongful when it is occurs due to the misconduct or negligence of another individual.

Jury awards $140 million in wrongful death case

The family of a woman with diabetes was recently awarded $140 million by the jury in her wrongful death lawsuit. A prescription error led to the death of the woman after she was given 10 times the amount of insulin needed. The woman was discharged from a hospital in 2008 and was to receive follow-up care at a rehabilitation facility. The prescription was incorrectly transcribed in India, calling for 10 times the amount of insulin actually prescribed. The overdose caused irreparable brain injury and cardiopulmonary arrest. Her family subsequently filed a wrongful death claim on her behalf.

Baby boy endures delayed cancer diagnosis

A prompt, accurate diagnose of a medical condition is extremely important for Oregon patients. This is especially true for cancer patients, to ensure that they receive treatment as soon as possible. The misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer can result in terminal health conditions.

Negligent monitoring during pregnancy may lead to future problems

As Oregon families can attest, pregnancy is supposed to be a time of celebration. During this time, prenatal care is vital for the health and well being of the expecting mother and her unborn child. This is especially true for high-risk pregnancies where there is a greater risk of injury to the mother and her child.

Oregon patients watch as nationwide meningitis outbreak spreads

As more cases are reported daily, a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak continues to grab headlines. As many as 13,000 people across the country received contaminated steroid shots that may be to blame for the outbreak. It is not clear, however, how many people are actually in danger and whether the outbreak may lead to wrongful death or malpractice claims.


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