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Commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Oregon residents can have a variety of ailments that plague them. Some may be simple requiring no medical attention, while others can be complex medical conditions that require extensive treatment. In some cases, it can be difficult of everyday people to tell the difference. Therefore, people rely on doctors to give them a diagnosis. These professionals have the training and access to medical tests that are necessary in order to tell the difference between a benign problem and a serious medical disorder.

Woman sues after false cancer misdiagnosis

A misdiagnosis by a doctor can lead to the unthinkable. Doctors are tasked with figuring out why a person is suffering from certain symptoms and provide the right care to fix the issue. When this job is done incorrectly, people can be put through painful and unnecessary procedures or can suffer worsened medical conditions as a result of their delayed treatment.

A failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis can change your life

Most Oregonians are not medical experts. They rely on doctors, nurses and hospital staff to diagnose and treat their medical conditions. Most people expect that these medical professionals have the right answers. People place their trust in doctors while dealing with medical emergencies.

Misdiagnosed cancer causes severe damage to woman's face

Eugene patients depend on the expertise of their doctors and medical professionals on a daily basis. Doctors are often called upon to make a diagnosis when a patient has fallen ill. The repercussions of a mistaken or overlooked illness can be catastrophic. Patients may suffer a delay in treatment, or be treated for the wrong medical condition all together. When injuries are caused by misdiagnosis and associated negligence, medical malpractice laws are in place to give victims certain legal rights.

Doctor intentionally misdiagnosed patients with cancer

As previously mentioned in our Eugene medical malpractice blog, misdiagnosis includes both a failure to diagnose a disease and wrongly diagnosing and treating patients for a condition when they are completely healthy. In one such case, a doctor was recently arrested after purposefully misdiagnosing patients with cancer. It is alleged the doctor misdiagnosed patients in an attempt to make money from unnecessary chemotherapy treatments.

Woman misdiagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer recovers damages

A misdiagnosis is generally viewed by Oregonians as the failure of a physician or other medical professional to identify a disease. However, a misdiagnosis can also result in a patient being diagnosed and treated for a disease that they never actually had. These types of medical mistakes can be just as harmful, as victims may undergo extensive treatment that is completely unnecessary.


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