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Study finds medical malpractice relatively common in surgery

When faced with surgery, Oregon patients fully expect their procedures to go smoothly with no complications. That is not always the case, however, as mistakes caused by hospital staff negligence can happen at even the best Eugene medical facilities. These mistakes can cause serious, life-altering injuries in which long-term treatment is required. In the most serious of cases, patient death may occur.

Woman suffers due to misdiagnosis of Lyme disease

The proper diagnosis of a disease or illness is of the utmost importance to Oregon patients. This ensures treatment can begin as early as possible, and prevents unnecessary patient injuries or death. The majority of Eugene residents have undoubtedly heard of Lyme disease. What may not be known, however, are the serious and painful consequences of the disease should it go misdiagnosed.

Man alleges misdiagnosis resulted in amputations

Residents in Oregon and across the country often benefit from a generally high level of medical care. Yet a recent case illustrates that medical errors can still occur, despite state-of-the-art care, when human negligence or mistake is involved.

New program aimed at reducing birth injuries in newborns

Birth injuries to newborns in Oregon can have heartbreaking and long-lasting effects. A new program at one of the nation's leading children's hospitals is giving neurologists unprecedented access to newborns in an attempt to minimize birth injuries. The program is aimed at identifying brain injuries that may have a life-long impact if left untreated.

New study examines early diagnosis of autistic children

The failure to timely diagnose a multitude of diseases and illnesses can have long-lasting, adverse affects. A failure to diagnose may result in a patient's worsened condition due to delayed treatment. In many cases, early diagnosis is key to an Oregon patient's recovery and long-term prognosis.

3-D cancer scanning technology may soon be available in Oregon

Early diagnosis of cancer is vital, as many forms are now treatable. However, if months or years go by without treatment, cancer cells can easily spread to other parts of the body. A failure or delay in diagnosis of cancer can have fatal results, and in some circumstances may result in a wrongful death claim.

Delayed c-section results in $2.8 million malpractice settlement

The last thing on the minds of expectant parents in Oregon is a potential birth injury to the mother or her newborn during the birth process. Injuries such as broken bones may heal over time and have no lasting impact on a child's life. Other birth injuries may be serious and result in a child's permanent disability. Often these injuries are the result of a delayed cesarean section.

Young Oregonians at higher risk for stroke

Strokes are a serious disease affecting Oregonians of all ages. A failure to diagnose a stroke may be fatal or lead to permanent disability. Strokes have long been viewed as a disease of the elderly. However, a new study shows strokes are becoming a midlife health concern as more young adults suffer from the disease.

Sepsis leaves Oregon mother with serious injuries

Expectant mothers in Oregon usually expect the best medical care for prenatal health and childbirth. This is important because even the smallest of errors can result in injury to the mother and her child. Pregnancy-related injuries are not as uncommon as one may think. These injuries arise when a doctor or medical staff fails to properly assess and respond to complications during a woman's pregnancy and delivery. In many cases, such negligence may give rise to a medical malpractice claim.

Infant DNA test provides hope to Oregon families

The birth of a baby is a joyous time for Oregon parents and family members. Although most babies are born healthy, some are born with serious illnesses and diseases. Delayed treatment of babies due to failure to diagnose a disease may lead to a worsened condition and spread of disease. Sometimes this can have long-lasting and or even fatal consequences. Although monetary compensation is hardly enough of a remedy for parents and babies that suffer at the hands of a negligent physician, they may be entitled to file a claim for damages nonetheless.


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