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Baby dies after doctor error causes skull and spinal injuries

Delivering a baby safely requires a lot of skill, quick decision making, and extreme care. Newborns are so fragile that a single slip or pull in the wrong direction can be tragic, leaving the baby with a serious birth injury. When this happens, the child may be left with life-long pain and suffering and may be unable to live a normal life. Parents, too, suffer harm, as caring for conditions such as a brain injury, including cerebral palsy, can be costly. Therefore, parents whose child suffers a birth injury due to a doctor error should consider acting on their legal rights.

$4 million awarded to mother and child in birth injury case

The birth of a newborn is a joyous time for Oregon parents and families. Trusting in the competence of medical professionals, most new parents never contemplate something going wrong during the birth process. Unfortunately, negligent doctors and medical staff are responsible for Birth injuries on a regular basis. Some of these injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, may heal over time. Other injuries may cause permanent disabilities or even death to a mother and her child.

Boy's permanent birth defects result in medical malpractice claim

The parents of a child born with cerebral palsy have sued a hospital and several doctors alleging medical malpractice related to the birth of their child. The parents allege that their child suffers from permanent birth injuries due to complications during the birth process. Their complaint claims that at seven months pregnant, the mother awoke in the middle of the night with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. After being forced to fill out paperwork at the hospital, the fetus's dropping heart rate was diagnosed. Doctors ordered a cesarean section for the woman nearly an hour and a half after the initial symptoms of fetal distress. The parents claim that the lack of oxygen sustained by their son caused him to be born with cerebral palsy and other permanent birth defects.


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