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What are the signs of cerebral palsy?

The birth of a child is supposed to be a time of happiness. Yet, all too often the birthing process goes wrong and children wind up seriously injured. Though sometimes these harms are so severe they are immediately obvious, others may require an attentive eye to catch. However, all birth injuries, whether seemingly serious or minor, can have a significant impact on a child's life. Therefore, parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of some of the more common types of birth injuries.

Tainted blood transfusion allegedly led to child's death

Expecting mothers and fathers are often excited to bring a new child into their family. However, the birth process is not easy. A lot of planning and healthcare is involved, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of many individuals to ensure everything goes smoothly. The center piece of this complex period is an expecting mother's doctor. He or she is crucial to ensuring prenatal care is sufficient and that the birthing process itself is done safely.

Woman recovers $12 million in hospital negligence lawsuit

Those who have had surgery or are about to have an operation know how nervous an individual can get before going under the knife. These nerves are well-founded. A slip of a scalpel, inattentive medical professionals, and inaccurate acts can leave a patient maimed and with life-long pain. In some instances they are fatal. Those who are injured by a surgical error may face a painful, depressing, life-long road to recovery.

Top reasons identified for hospital negligence lawsuits

Nearly every patient is exposed to the potential for medical malpractice. Fortunately, though, most of these patients never even know of the risk because properly trained and attentive doctors provide then with adequate care. Yet, every year, thousands of instances of hospital negligence occur, leaving thousands of individuals with serious injuries.

Lawsuit claims doctor inappropriately operated, caused injuries

Many Oregonian's have likely heard the heat the Veterans' Administration is under for providing no or subpar treatment to our nation's veterans. However, it takes a personal account of poor healthcare to paint the picture that statistics cannot. One man's horror story has recently come to life, and it may leave some squeamish and angry.

Lawsuit over patient's punctured aorta settled

Oregon's doctors often have to make quick decisions in order to save patients' lives. Though some mistakes are bound to happen in some situations, other cases present such an obvious problem that doctors should be able to take the appropriate steps to prevent further harm to the patient. Unfortunately, though, even these easy cases are sometimes botched.

Can barcoded meds protect Oregonians from hospital negligence?

Pharmaceutical drugs are a powerful tool in treating medical conditions. They can reduce symptoms, ease pain and even remedy some medical issues. It is common for Oregon patients to go to the hospital and be given or prescribed medication. Many of these individuals take pills, injections and syrups without much thought, showing their deep-seeded trust in their doctor. Unfortunately, though, medication errors are all too common, putting Oregonians in harm's way.

Emergency room delay leaves girl with permanent disability

Every year, many Oregonians go to the emergency room expecting prompt medical care. Doctors and nurses often have to decide whose condition is most significant and requires the most immediate attention. Though this process is typically successful, sometimes an error can occur that has devastating consequences.

Nurse delays cause permanent, serious injuries to patient

Patients often worry about what can go wrong during a medical procedure. They may fear the surgeon will operate on the wrong body part, will nick an organ, or will leave a surgical instrument inside of them. While these are all legitimate concerns, often many problems associated with an operation do not present themselves until after the procedure is finished. If a doctor fails to closely monitor a patient's condition afterwards, the patient may suffer serious injuries.

Man suffers permanent disability when cardiologist leaves surgery

Medical operations are complicated. Thus, surgeons must go through years of extensive education and training. Such a thorough preparing not only allows doctors to remedy several medical conditions efficiently, but they also teach medical professionals how to do so without putting a patient at an unnecessary risk of harm. Some doctors, though, fail to perform their job in a way that puts safety first.


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