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Delay in care is dangerous for hospital patients

Oregon residents expect that their doctors, hospitals and other medical staff with take their health seriously. In many cases, time is of the essence and working quickly can help save a patient's life. But, when doctors and hospitals fail to provide care quickly, people can suffer from serious consequences including a worsened medical condition and death. Delayed assistance can be extremely serious when seconds, minutes and days count.

Oncologist admits to giving patients unapproved foreign drugs

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog may be interested to learn the facts surrounding an oncologist that treated patients with unapproved foreign cancer drugs. The doctor recently pleaded guilty to several charges, including purchasing a cancer drug from Canada. In addition to treating his patients with unapproved foreign drugs, he also fraudulently billed Medicare around $1.7 million.

Surgical errors may lead to malpractice claims for Oregonians

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog are aware that preventable medical mistakes happen at all level of health care. Mistakes by pharmacists, family doctors, nurses and surgeons happen on a daily basis. New findings related to surgery errors and hospital negligence were recently released, and the numbers tell a surprising story.


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