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Oregon man in leg braces 13 years due to misdiagnosis

Personal injury caused by misdiagnosis can be devastating to Oregon victims and their families. Unanswered questions and painful symptoms may last years before a proper diagnosis is given. Delayed treatment can cause permanent damage and may even result in death.

Serious deficiencies found in multiple Oregon nursing homes

Many elderly and disabled Eugene residents are in a position in which they must rely on the competence of their caregivers for their daily medical needs. Unfortunately, this reliance often means that these patients are more susceptible to nursing home errors and hospital negligence. It is important that these medical mistakes be taken seriously due to the dire consequences that can result.

Serious birth injury results in boy's permanent disability

Even among the best Oregon medical facilities, birth injuries can occur. Minor birth injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, will heal over time, allowing a newborn baby to eventually have a healthy, normal life. Other birth injuries are more serious, and leave the baby and his family with permanent disabilities and large medical bills.

Implant procedure may help victims of spinal surgical errors

For Oregon patients that are victims of spinal surgical errors caused by doctor negligence, the prognosis is often grim. Paralysis below the point of the initial trauma is far too often the inevitable result, and little can be done to help those who are paralyzed regain full function of their limbs. For that reason, the compensation awarded to such victims in medical malpractice suits is often substantial, in order to cover the costs of life-long rehabilitative care.


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