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Common ways to diagnose breast cancer

Throughout the month of October, marks breast cancer awareness month in the United States. Throughout the month, campaigns are undertaken to make women and men more aware of the dangers of breast cancer. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other type of cancer. Furthermore, it is the second highest cause of death in women --each year 40,000 women will die of breast cancer.

Woman suffers worsened condition when doctors test wrong knee

Another individual has filed a lawsuit against her doctors after they failed to timely diagnose her cancer. According to the lawsuit, the woman went to the hospital after experiencing pain in her knee, which she attributed to running. Medical professionals ordered an X-ray of the knee and found an abnormality that could be attributed to cancer. To be sure, professionals then ordered an MRI on the knee. However, the test was conducted on the wrong knee. Her doctor then relied on the MRI of the wrong, healthy knee, and was therefore unable to properly diagnose her.

What can Oregonians do to help avoid a failure to diagnose?

Going to the doctor can be intimidating for many of Oregon's residents. After all, many of us have been taught to see medical professionals as a sort of authority figure. Our nervousness around doctors might cause us to have difficulty communicating with them, which, according to one expert, can increase the likelihood of misdiagnosis, especially when the average doctor only listens to his or her patient's symptoms for about 10 seconds. That's right. Ten seconds. Doctors are being forced to see more patients in less time, and that can be problematic for patients who expect complete and adequate care.

Failure to diagnose broken ankle leads to malpractice suit

This blog often discusses instances of medical malpractice that leave victims with serious injuries that sometimes turn fatal. Botched surgeries, failures to diagnose severe and aggressive diseases, and errant births all fall into that category. Yet, it is important for Oregonians to recognize that they do not have to suffer a life-threatening injury in order to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, as is evidenced by a recent claim filed against the staff at an Oregon hospital.

Lawsuits filed over doctor's misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Obtaining an accurate and timely diagnosis is critical to properly treating a medical condition. In some cases, like those involving cancer, an early and accurate diagnosis can increase survival rates and treatment efficiency. A wrong diagnosis can also leave an individual with additional, unnecessary harm caused by unneeded drugs and operations, which sometimes can result in death.

Misdiagnoses cause girl to develop worsened condition

Going to the doctor can be scary, but it can be downright terrifying when doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with a patient. Sometimes medical professionals admit they do not know what is wrong and they continue to run tests until they can make a diagnosis, or they refer the patient to another doctor. In other situations, however, doctors diagnose the patient's condition based on their best knowledge, but without certainty. This might lead to disastrous consequences for patients.

Failure to diagnose HIV leaves man with worsened condition

When doctors fail to diagnose a medical condition the results can be tragic for a patient. His or her medical condition can worsen, causing increased pain and suffering and medical expenses. In some instances when a patient receives delayed treatment, his or her chance of surviving the condition can be greatly diminished. For these reasons, it is imperative to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their wrongdoing so that future patients are protected and the victim is justly compensated.

Failure to diagnose stroke leaves woman with brain damage

An Oregon hospital is being sued after a doctor or doctors failed to timely diagnose a patient with a stroke. The woman collapsed at her home and was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state. Medical professionals conducted a CT scan, but misread the results, claiming there was nothing wrong with the woman. Doctors claimed the woman's condition was an "emotional" issue, and they failed to give her medication that would have broken up the blood clot in her brain.

Man loses use of left leg after doctor's failure to diagnose

Oregonians rightfully expect to be treated properly and effectively when they go to the doctor. Receiving such care, though, is entirely dependent upon being accurately diagnosed. Sometimes doctors struggle to diagnose complex diseases and illnesses that are themselves difficult to treat. Other times, though, these medical professionals fail to diagnose easily detectable conditions. When this happens, and a patient receives delayed treatment, he or she may be left irreparably harmed.

Doctor's delayed treatment leaves man with brain damage

Medical professionals can truly seem to work miracles by stopping the progression of deadly medical conditions and even remedying some illnesses and injuries. Yet, successfully treating a patient is dependent upon accurately diagnosing a patient. Though many would be right in assuming this refers to one's overall condition or illness, it may also pertain to overlooked issues that can cause significant damage to a patient.


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