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Newborn girl dies under care of Oregon midwife

A Bandon, Oregon midwife is facing criminal charges following the death of a baby girl born under her care in 2011. A statement of the child’s mother said the midwife actively discouraged her from seeking medical care. The newborn passed away from septic shock after being born. The midwife reached a plea deal and plead guilty to reckless endangerment. In addition to her criminal sentence, she will also be required to be licensed before attending to any future births. It is unknown whether the baby girl’s family will be pursuing a civil claim for relief.

Large verdict for family of child with cerebral palsy

Oregon residents may be interested to know that a jury in another state recently awarded $130 million to the family of a child who suffers from serious permanent disabilities related to cerebral palsy. The jury concluded that the girl suffered her condition because of an injury during the delivery process.

Boy suffers from permanent disability following birth injury

The heart-breaking story of one little boy shows the devastating, long-term effects of birth injuries. The three-year-old suffered a birth injury from oxygen deprivation during the delivery process, which resulted in permanent brain damage. He was in the hospital for four months before his parents were able to bring him home.

Boy's permanent birth defects result in medical malpractice claim

The parents of a child born with cerebral palsy have sued a hospital and several doctors alleging medical malpractice related to the birth of their child. The parents allege that their child suffers from permanent birth injuries due to complications during the birth process. Their complaint claims that at seven months pregnant, the mother awoke in the middle of the night with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. After being forced to fill out paperwork at the hospital, the fetus's dropping heart rate was diagnosed. Doctors ordered a cesarean section for the woman nearly an hour and a half after the initial symptoms of fetal distress. The parents claim that the lack of oxygen sustained by their son caused him to be born with cerebral palsy and other permanent birth defects.

Lawsuit claims medical negligence caused serious birth injury

There are several different causes of birth injuries that can result in serious and life-altering damage to a newborn. Oregon parents should know that many of these injuries have the potential to cause cerebral palsy and other debilitating conditions.

Negligent monitoring during pregnancy may lead to future problems

As Oregon families can attest, pregnancy is supposed to be a time of celebration. During this time, prenatal care is vital for the health and well being of the expecting mother and her unborn child. This is especially true for high-risk pregnancies where there is a greater risk of injury to the mother and her child.

Serious birth injury results in boy's permanent disability

Even among the best Oregon medical facilities, birth injuries can occur. Minor birth injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, will heal over time, allowing a newborn baby to eventually have a healthy, normal life. Other birth injuries are more serious, and leave the baby and his family with permanent disabilities and large medical bills.

New program aimed at reducing birth injuries in newborns

Birth injuries to newborns in Oregon can have heartbreaking and long-lasting effects. A new program at one of the nation's leading children's hospitals is giving neurologists unprecedented access to newborns in an attempt to minimize birth injuries. The program is aimed at identifying brain injuries that may have a life-long impact if left untreated.

Delayed c-section results in $2.8 million malpractice settlement

The last thing on the minds of expectant parents in Oregon is a potential birth injury to the mother or her newborn during the birth process. Injuries such as broken bones may heal over time and have no lasting impact on a child's life. Other birth injuries may be serious and result in a child's permanent disability. Often these injuries are the result of a delayed cesarean section.

Sepsis leaves Oregon mother with serious injuries

Expectant mothers in Oregon usually expect the best medical care for prenatal health and childbirth. This is important because even the smallest of errors can result in injury to the mother and her child. Pregnancy-related injuries are not as uncommon as one may think. These injuries arise when a doctor or medical staff fails to properly assess and respond to complications during a woman's pregnancy and delivery. In many cases, such negligence may give rise to a medical malpractice claim.


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