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Birth injuries abound as the rate of c-section births increase

Injuries to a newborn during the birth process are perhaps some of the most traumatic types of injuries. As Oregon parents await the arrival of their baby, most never contemplate the possibility that birth injuries may occur. Many of these injuries are caused by the negligence of medical staff during birth.

Training technique lowers rate of birth injuries

There are few events in life that are as joyous and spectacular as the birth of a child. For Oregon parents, their child's birthday is supposed to be a wonderful day of meeting and getting to know their newborn. However, as many parents know, the delivery process can be hectic, complicated and a little bit scary. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are supposed to be there to ensure that babies are born safely and that the parents know what to expect. However, sometimes hospital staff fall short of expectations -- emergencies occur, mistakes happen and, unfortunately, babies get hurt.

Newborn girl dies under care of Oregon midwife

A Bandon, Oregon midwife is facing criminal charges following the death of a baby girl born under her care in 2011. A statement of the child’s mother said the midwife actively discouraged her from seeking medical care. The newborn passed away from septic shock after being born. The midwife reached a plea deal and plead guilty to reckless endangerment. In addition to her criminal sentence, she will also be required to be licensed before attending to any future births. It is unknown whether the baby girl’s family will be pursuing a civil claim for relief.

Boy suffers from permanent disability following birth injury

The heart-breaking story of one little boy shows the devastating, long-term effects of birth injuries. The three-year-old suffered a birth injury from oxygen deprivation during the delivery process, which resulted in permanent brain damage. He was in the hospital for four months before his parents were able to bring him home.

Boy's permanent birth defects result in medical malpractice claim

The parents of a child born with cerebral palsy have sued a hospital and several doctors alleging medical malpractice related to the birth of their child. The parents allege that their child suffers from permanent birth injuries due to complications during the birth process. Their complaint claims that at seven months pregnant, the mother awoke in the middle of the night with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. After being forced to fill out paperwork at the hospital, the fetus's dropping heart rate was diagnosed. Doctors ordered a cesarean section for the woman nearly an hour and a half after the initial symptoms of fetal distress. The parents claim that the lack of oxygen sustained by their son caused him to be born with cerebral palsy and other permanent birth defects.


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