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Study: Better quality care is good alternative to tort reform laws

Tort reform has been legislated or at least heavily debated in every state, including here in Oregon. Proponents of tort reform (specifically related to medical malpractice) have argued that healthcare costs are out of control and doctors are practicing defensive medicine because of too many "frivolous" lawsuits.

Risk of medical error can tend to be higher in hospitals

A hospital is not the place most people want to be. If you are a patient and hospitalization is required it usually means that your condition is dire and the specialized tools, equipment and higher level of staffing provided in the hospital setting are needed to ensure that the highest standard of care possible is delivered.

Tech issues prompt feds to ease hard drive for digital records

When the first Windows operating system was issued there were bugs. Some would argue that there hasn't been a subsequent Windows release without glitches. The same could be said for nearly any technological advancement. And considering they nearly all involve computers in some way, it should probably not be a surprise.

Common hospital IV systems may increase blood clot risk

If you have ever seen the play "Fiddler on the Roof" you know that one of its central observations is about tradition. Tradition can be a good thing. It makes everyday life a little less complicated because we don't have to think about the why of our action.

Why aren't medical machines talking to each other?

To err is human, the saying goes. To really screw things up you need a computer. If we presume the truth of that statement, it might be another good reason to give us all pause when we find ourselves having to spend time as a patient in the hospital.

Oregon caps noneconomic damages for injury, but not always

Injuries are not created equal. But that has not stopped legislatures in Oregon and other states from deciding that there are limits as to what an injury victim may be entitled to recover. The thing is, even though the law may put a cap on what a plaintiff can claim, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that sometimes the cap might not apply.

Reports on cutting hospital patient harm show work still needed

Back in 1999, the U.S. Institute of Medicine dropped a bombshell on the health care industry. It reported that anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 people were dying in the nation's hospitals every year due to medical negligence and errors committed in the operating rooms, emergency rooms and recovery wards.

Negligent hospitals can be held responsible for your injuries

In times of medical crisis, Oregon residents rely on the skilled help of doctors and nurses in hospitals. In life threatening emergencies, even young children are taught to call 911 so that the person in trouble can be taken to an emergency room. Hospital staff, in particular emergency room doctors, are supposed to be trained to quickly and accurately assess a person's injuries. Once diagnosed, these same staff members are supposed to be able to fix the problem.


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