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Oregon seniors might be at higher risk for prescription errors

A patient relies on his or her doctor to prescribe drugs that are appropriate. Any breach of that trust might constitute negligence on the part of a health care professional. Yet around 20 percent of prescriptions that primary care providers give to senior patients -- those over the age of 65 -- might be inappropriate, according to a recent study. That's bad news for Oregon's seniors, who are more likely than younger patients to be taking several drugs at once. With more drugs comes more exposure to potentially adverse drug interactions.

Drug-induced injuries remain a threat for patients

Drug-induced injuries remain a real threat for patients in Oregon and nationwide. Injuries can result when a person reacts poorly to a certain drug, or when a combination of drugs proves dangerous. Sometimes, a drug might be prescribed before it is safe to do so or before all of its potential side-effects have been tested. A recent example involves a line of birth-control pills sold by pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

Blood virus scare for NBA player LaMarcus Aldridge

Undergoing a major surgery can be a scary prospect. Patients may fear the risk of complications during their procedures. Even after the surgery, patient may have concerns during their rehabilitation period, where serious infections such as sepsis may develop.


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