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How long do I have to file a hospital negligence lawsuit?

Medical malpractice claims in Oregon are subject to the state's statute of limitations laws. According to § 12.110 of Oregon's revised statutes, a hospital negligence claim brought to recover damages for harm caused by a medical professional must be brought within two years of when the harm was first discovered. However, a victim cannot turn a blind eye to his or her injuries in an effort to stretch the statute of limitations. Therefore, § 12.110 also states that a claim is barred after two years from the date when a victim should have discovered his or her injury if he or she had exercised reasonable care.

Man loses hip after hospital negligence leads to late treatment

Our society puts a lot of trust in doctors. Oregonians routinely go to them in order to have their symptoms diagnosed and properly treated. Though many patients are adequately treated and recover from their condition, or stop its progression, others sadly must suffer further harm due to doctor and hospital negligence. In these instances, victims should consider seeking compensation for their losses through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Lawsuit claims man's urethra devastated during botched operation

Most Oregonians will agree that the need for surgery can create a stressful situation. There may be concerns over costs, health insurance, long-term consequences, and success rates. Unfortunately, though, far too many patients fall victim to the procedure itself when a medical professional makes a mistake. These mistakes can cause serious injuries and can leave a victim with life-long disfigurement.

Woman seeks compensation after unsuccessful hysterectomy

In most instances, unless something major goes wrong, individuals who have a surgical operation leave the hospital feeling that the surgery went as intended. However, symptoms of a surgical error can take time to manifest. This time lapse can make it difficult for a patient to link their newfound pain to a prior doctor error. During a later medical examination, though, these individuals often discover the mistake.

Pharmacists in emergency rooms may reduce medication errors

Advancements in pharmaceutical drugs have revolutionized healthcare. By swallowing a pill or receiving an injection, many patients can lessen the severity of painful symptoms or even beat a medical condition altogether. As amazing as medicine has become, it may be hard for some to believe that it can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly, if not taken properly. In fact, more than 7,000 Americans die each year as a result of medication errors.

Woman recovers $12 million in hospital negligence lawsuit

Those who have had surgery or are about to have an operation know how nervous an individual can get before going under the knife. These nerves are well-founded. A slip of a scalpel, inattentive medical professionals, and inaccurate acts can leave a patient maimed and with life-long pain. In some instances they are fatal. Those who are injured by a surgical error may face a painful, depressing, life-long road to recovery.

Top reasons identified for hospital negligence lawsuits

Nearly every patient is exposed to the potential for medical malpractice. Fortunately, though, most of these patients never even know of the risk because properly trained and attentive doctors provide then with adequate care. Yet, every year, thousands of instances of hospital negligence occur, leaving thousands of individuals with serious injuries.

Lawsuit claims doctor inappropriately operated, caused injuries

Many Oregonian's have likely heard the heat the Veterans' Administration is under for providing no or subpar treatment to our nation's veterans. However, it takes a personal account of poor healthcare to paint the picture that statistics cannot. One man's horror story has recently come to life, and it may leave some squeamish and angry.

Lawsuit: Nurse infects patients after reusing single-use syringes

Some hospital tasks are so easy that doctors and nurses can perform them mindlessly, which could spell trouble for Oregon's patients. Tossing single-use syringes after their initial use, for example, should be common sense in the medical profession and is a simple way to keep patients safe from infectious diseases. Yet, a man who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C has recently filed lawsuit against a hospital and nurse who failed to adhere to this simplistic safety measure and reused a single-use syringe.

Lawsuit over patient's punctured aorta settled

Oregon's doctors often have to make quick decisions in order to save patients' lives. Though some mistakes are bound to happen in some situations, other cases present such an obvious problem that doctors should be able to take the appropriate steps to prevent further harm to the patient. Unfortunately, though, even these easy cases are sometimes botched.


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