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Can barcoded meds protect Oregonians from hospital negligence?

Pharmaceutical drugs are a powerful tool in treating medical conditions. They can reduce symptoms, ease pain and even remedy some medical issues. It is common for Oregon patients to go to the hospital and be given or prescribed medication. Many of these individuals take pills, injections and syrups without much thought, showing their deep-seeded trust in their doctor. Unfortunately, though, medication errors are all too common, putting Oregonians in harm's way.

Emergency room delay leaves girl with permanent disability

Every year, many Oregonians go to the emergency room expecting prompt medical care. Doctors and nurses often have to decide whose condition is most significant and requires the most immediate attention. Though this process is typically successful, sometimes an error can occur that has devastating consequences.

Man suffers permanent disability when cardiologist leaves surgery

Medical operations are complicated. Thus, surgeons must go through years of extensive education and training. Such a thorough preparing not only allows doctors to remedy several medical conditions efficiently, but they also teach medical professionals how to do so without putting a patient at an unnecessary risk of harm. Some doctors, though, fail to perform their job in a way that puts safety first.

Doctor fails to refer patient to specialist, injuries result

Oftentimes before going in for surgery, patients are made aware of potential complications. Many times these patients accept the risks and continue with the procedure. Yet, when something does go wrong, the doctor should take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. This may mean providing additional care or, if he or she cannot properly treat the condition, referring the patient to another doctor. Failing to do so may lead to additional, long-lasting injuries for the patient.

Errant surgeon keeps working, leaves many serious injuries

Oregon patients who have an operation may have lingering fears that something will go wrong, but most of the time these concerns are put to rest by their doctor. But what if that doctor was known for botching operations? And what if the hospital at which he worked did nothing to stop him? Sadly, in a situation such as that, there may be very little a patient can do.

Nurses' increased workload may contribute to hospital negligence

People who think of medical errors often conjure images of doctors making mistakes, whether surgical, medication or diagnostic. However, doctors are not the only medical professionals who can cause injuries to patients. Nurses, too, can make serious errors that can cause severe harm, including permanent disability and even death. And there may be bad news for patients with regard to the care provided by nurses.

Unnecessary spine surgery leads to hospital negligence lawsuit

Doctors are perhaps amongst the most trusted individuals in our society. Their years of education, training and experience put them in a unique position where patients' well-being and the patients' very lives rest in these doctors' hands. Thus, when a medical professional in Oregon makes a diagnosis and recommends a course of treatment, patients often agree. Unfortunately, though, sometimes doctors and the hospitals at which they work are negligent, leaving their patients seriously injured.

Oregon doctor sued after over-prescribing medication

Since doctors have years of experience and training, most patients fully trust theirs. This means most recommendations made by the medical professional are agreed to. Operations are performed, courses of treatment prescribed to, and medications taken all because a doctor suggests it will help the patient get better. While in many cases the doctor's treatment is beneficial, in others it can be a mistake, leading to serious harm.

13-year old on life support after removal of tonsils

Every year, many of Oregon's residents go to the hospital for relatively routine operations. Since these surgeries are common and performed often, it reasons to believe they would be conducted safely and effectively, thereby leading to a healed or vastly improved medical condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, hospital negligence can turn these routine procedures into life-altering or even life-ending events. One of these mishaps happened recently, and Oregon residents should take note.

$100,000 malpractice verdict entered against gynecologist

Readers of our malpractice blog may be interested to learn that a verdict was recently reached in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a prominent Oregon gynecologist. The federal case, which was the subject of a recent blog post, involves a Medford gynecologist whom faced allegations of hospital staff negligence stemming from a 2007 surgery. During that surgery, the plaintiff had a healthy ovary mistakenly removed and a piece of plastic was left in her body when a da Vinci robotic device malfunctioned.


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