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Where does fault lie if spinal instrumentation goes wrong?

Perhaps you had spinal fusion surgery after suffering injuries during a car crash. This is a common back operation, but in your case, complications developed.

You have experienced considerable post-operative pain as the result of broken spinal instrumentation. Was your surgeon negligent, or does the fault lie with the parts manufacturer?

2 ways serious car accident injuries can change your life

Car accidents are not always serious fender benders. Most motor vehicle incidents result in minor to nonexistent property damage and everyone continuing about their business. However, some victims find themselves reeling from the aftermath while trying to recover from serious and life-threatening injuries. 

You may be a safe driver with an impeccable driving record, but if you are ever in a crash and wind up with catastrophic injuries, you will need to do more than keep up with your medical care. You may need to contact your insurer to file a claim and possibly pursue legal action against the wrongful party. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider filing a personal injury suit against the at-fault motorist(s). 

Judge awards $15 million to teen suffering from birth injuries

Children in Oregon deserve the best possible start in life. Parents spend months, leading up to their children's births and even years after, making sure they get that great start. Unfortunately, some things -- like birth injuries -- are simply out of parents' control.

An out-of-state judge recently awarded $15 million to a teenage boy for the injuries he suffered at birth. In 2015, his parents sued the hospital where he was born on his behalf, alleging that the medical staff did not intervene as they should have during her labor. The now 15-year-old boy suffered serious brain injuries as a result of their actions.

Women with epidural injuries can get the help they need

Enduring hours on hours of pain is not only physically taxing. It is also mentally exhausting. Women in Oregon who have been through labor might understand this better than most people. But if something that was supposed to ease your pain ultimately made things worse, you could be dealing with long-lasting pain and other health problems. Here's some helpful information about epidural injuries.

Epidural injections are effective for pain management, but they are also capable of causing serious harm. For example, anesthesiologists inject epidurals near the spinal column. This requires extreme precision. Accidentally administering the injection directly into the spinal column can occur fairly easy if an anesthesiologist is careless or negligent. This often results in permanent paralysis.

Jury awards $23.9 million for child's birth injuries

Labor is usually an intense and sometimes frightening experience, but parents usually expect that the process will end well. For many Oregon families this is simply not the case. Although parents may feel helpless after learning their child suffered birth injuries during delivery, it is possible to hold hospitals, doctors and other medical staff responsible for their actions.

As compensation for their child's injuries, a jury recently awarded $23.9 million to an out-of-state family. During the mother's labor, the umbilical cord wound its way around the baby girl's neck, which deprived her of oxygen. She was then born the color blue, and doctors had to undertake extensive resuscitation efforts before she was able to breathe on her own. But those efforts could not undo the damage that was already done. Soon after birth, doctors determined that she had suffered a severe brain injury that would limit her cognitive, speech and motor skills.

Could the doctor have prevented your child's birth injuries?

There is a lot to do when you are expecting a baby, and it is more than just getting the nursery ready. There are parenting and feeding methods to consider, names to be chosen and -- if necessary -- day cares facilities to visit. But on top of all of that you knew that the most important thing was to get the best possible prenatal care. Poor prenatal care is associated with an increased risk of birth injuries, so if your child was harmed here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Pregnant women do not always exhibit obvious symptoms of any problems. In some cases, symptoms are only noticeable while being monitored. Doctors in Oregon are responsible for carefully monitoring their patients' pregnancies, which means watching out for some of those hard-to-spot symptoms. These doctors are also responsible for truly listening to and considering self-reported symptoms. 

Help is on the way for car crash victims with TBI

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury is a common result of a car crash. Even victims with a mild form of TBI such as concussion may experience lifelong health issues.

However, innovations in testing and treatment are helping those who suffer TBI to combat the effects and reduce the need for ongoing care.

The basics of birth injuries

Expecting parents in Oregon generally just want what all other parents want -- a healthy child. While there is no way to prevent a child being born with or developing a disease, preventing birth injuries is very much possible. This can make it all the more devastating to learn that a child who would have otherwise been born healthy was injured instead.

There are many different types of birth injuries, ranging from minor to severe. Cerebral palsy is just one example that many people are probably familiar with. Babies who are deprived of oxygen during delivery can suffer irreparable brain damage that limits body movement and brain function.

Doctors ignored woman's symptoms, causing birth injuries

A mother is suing multiple doctors who allegedly ignored the warning signs of a very serious condition. She says that since she did not receive adequate medical attention, her son was born with multiple birth injuries. Her medical malpractice lawsuit does not include a specific amount for damages, but the annual cost of providing her son with necessary medical care is around six figures. This cost is not uncommon for Oregon families in similar situations.

In late 2015, the woman spent two weeks in the hospital to lower her risk of going into preterm labor. Although it is not clear how far along in her pregnancy she was at that point, she attended an appointment with one of her doctors a week after being discharged. Despite bringing up multiple concerns, the doctor insisted that her pregnancy was proceeding normally and sent her home. Still experiencing troubling symptoms, she visited the emergency room on two separate occasions and was told that everything was fine. Doctors started to refuse the mother's phone calls shortly after.

Cancer ranks high in deadly illnesses that are misdiagnosed

Everyone makes mistakes—even at work. That includes doctors too. While most of us might think of those stories about doctors operating on the wrong knee or leaving a sponge inside a patient, only to be found years later, doctors also misdiagnose patient illnesses. Sometimes, that can cause life-altering consequences, even death.

Earlier this year, researchers from John Hopkins University wanted to narrow down what conditions were most misdiagnosed and also were most likely to lead to death or disability. What they found is that one-third of medical errors that led to death and disability were linked to cancer.


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