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Your Diagnosis Matters

Last updated on November 19, 2020

Was your health severely depleted due to a failure to diagnose a severe injury? Did you lose a family member because his or her cancer went undiagnosed? A failed or delayed diagnosis of a severe illness such as cancer is likely to lead to increased potential for complications and even death.

The Law Office of Robert A. Miller in Eugene, Oregon, can help. We will fight hard to protect your rights and pursue maximum financial compensation, and we will fight to ensure that you get the support you need after a delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or failed diagnosis.

Assisting Clients With A Variety Of Misdiagnoses, Failed Diagnoses and Delayed Diagnoses

Our firm has handled a broad range of cases related to failure to diagnose medical conditions, including:

Our firm has obtained multiple million-dollar verdicts for those who have suffered as a result of failure to diagnose a medical condition, and we are dedicated to righting the wrongs suffered by our clients.

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