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Undiagnosed Appendicitis Can Be Deadly

Last updated on November 19, 2020

Did an Oregon emergency room physician put your life in danger by failing to properly diagnose your appendicitis? These kinds of serious medical mistakes can be severe and life-threatening. A failed or delayed diagnosis of appendicitis can lead to a host of health problems, including a series of potentially risky follow-up surgeries.

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Detection And Treatment Of Appendicitis

Detection and treatment of appendicitis is a major category of medical malpractice – the third most frequent type of failure-to-diagnose medical mistake after a heart attack and breast cancer. Appendicitis is a treatable disease that can become extremely complicated if left undetected. Untreated appendicitis can result in a ruptured appendix which fills the body cavity and surrounding organs with toxic substances, resulting in peritonitis and sepsis, a life-threatening condition. For these reasons, an acute attack of appendicitis requires immediate surgery.

Errors in the diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis include:

  • Failure to administer a proper physical exam of the abdomen to locate and measure pain
  • Inadequate follow-up care
  • Mistaking appendicitis for kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome or colitis
  • Failure to intervene surgically during the deterioration of a patient’s condition

An emergency room doctor or nurse must listen to a patient’s complaint and quickly respond to symptoms. For example, a patient suffering from nausea, vomiting and pain in the lower right abdomen should be recognized as at risk for appendicitis. Careful attention to the details of the physical exam is critical to formulating a prompt, correct diagnosis.

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