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Timely Breast Cancer Diagnosis Saves Lives

Last updated on November 19, 2020

National breast cancer statistics being what they are, doctors across Oregon and the U.S. should be screening patients and properly diagnosing this disease as never before. Unfortunately, medical negligence continues in the practice of breast cancer diagnosis.

If your Oregon physician’s failure to detect breast cancer has put your life at risk, the Law Office of Robert A. Miller is here for you. With decades of successful practice in Eugene and Greater Portland, we are dedicated to defending those whose lives have been altered by medical errors, doctor mistakes or hospital negligence. We will use our knowledge to investigate your case, conclude whether a breach in the proper standard of care was the cause of your injury and defend your rights.

Your Doctor Has A Responsibility

If a patient has a family history of breast cancer, failure to test for a gene mutation may amount to medical negligence. Risk factors could be present which make an additional investigation and testing essential for a proper diagnosis.

Doctors have a responsibility to follow certain treatment protocols for the evaluation of symptoms, conducting mammograms and elimination of other possible causes of breast cancer. When a physician fails to request testing or read CAT scans and mammograms accurately, my law firm coordinates efforts with a network of medical experts, radiologists and other specialists to expose departures from protocol and acts of negligence.

Even if a patient lacks a genetic predisposition toward breast cancer, certain environmental factors and endocrinal disorders could come into play. If a woman has taken oral contraceptives for a long period of time or was exposed to toxic materials at a young age, she could be considered as having an increased risk for breast cancer. Failure on the part of a physician to inquire and investigate could contribute to a late diagnosis of breast cancer.

Before a medical malpractice lawsuit can be brought, a preliminary finding of negligence against a doctor must be established in a report that describes failings or lapses on a doctor’s part. If a preliminary finding of negligence is reached, I can begin preparing your case for negotiations with insurers or for trial.

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