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You Deserve Proper Medical Care

Every day people under the care of medical professionals, such as surgeons and hospital staff, are seriously injured. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, hospital, medical provider or another health care professional causes an injury or deteriorating medical condition by breaching from the normal standards of care. Medical providers have the legal responsibility to protect you and your loved ones from harm.

At the Law Office of Robert A. Millerour personal injury attorneys fight for our clients’ compensation if they sustained an injury because of a medical professional’s negligence. Our lawyers will use their thorough knowledge of medical care, anatomy and medical jargon to conduct an in-depth review of your medical treatment. We also have medical professionals who will analyze the care you received and testify in the courtroom. Our Eugene office helps people across Oregon with their medical malpractice injuries.

You Could Be Eligible For Compensation After A Medical Error

Many people are unsure if a doctor or hospital’s mistakes caused their injuries. The only thing our clients know is that they trusted a medical provider for quality treatment, and they now have a serious injury. Our lawyers will investigate the medical provider’s records and dig deep to find out the true cause of your injury.

We assist medical malpractice clients with many types of cases, including:

Our law firm represents medical malpractice clients throughout Oregon and will help you hold medical professionals accountable.

Compassionate Counsel For Birth Injuries

Mothers and babies hurt by a medical provider’s negligence need trusted legal counsel. Our attorneys will investigate the actions taken by the medical staff during delivery and hold them accountable for breaches in the standards of care. Injuries to a newborn can have serious, lifelong consequences and may result in death. Our law firm will take legal action against medical providers who caused unnecessary injuries to your loved ones.

Our lawyers represent clients with many types of preventable birth injuries, including:

Doctors and other medical professionals will not usually talk to patients or their families about errors made in a medical procedure. We will find the facts about your medical care and get you an honest answer about your injuries. We will work to get you the best possible outcome for your case and pursue full compensation from the negligent medical provider and their insurance company.

Work With An Attorney Who Protects What Matters Most — You

Our capable attorneys have over 70 years of combined legal experience and a long record of results. We offer free consultations to check your injuries and make sure that we can help your case. Call 541-359-4331 or send us a private message to start working with our proven lawyers. We will travel to your home or hospital room if you cannot come to the office.