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Has A Medical Professional Failed To Detect Your Tumors In Time?

Effective treatments to combat any illness commonly require an early diagnosis. When a medical professional fails to administer the correct testing and assess all potential causes and symptoms, a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis can result. For cancer patients, these oversights can translate to the loss of ability to treat the disease or a long-overdue treatment that has tragic consequences.

At the Law Office of Robert A. Miller in Eugene, Oregon, we bring decades of experience to every medical malpractice case we accept. We aggressively advocate for the rights of individuals and families whose lives have been altered by medical errors, doctor’s mistakes or hospital negligence.

Don’t Face Your Failed Diagnosis Alone

Our firm has seen tumors as large as oranges overlooked by radiologists. The human eye and the human brain continue to be essential components of any medical procedure, as fallible as they are. When human negligence results in misdiagnosis of your medical condition, you may be entitled to compensation to help you cover economic damages such as future medical expenses and lost wages, and noneconomic ones like pain and suffering.

You should speak to my law office immediately if:

  • Your doctor did not take your complaint seriously enough to conduct a thorough, timely examination.
  • Your test, biopsy or X-ray was misinterpreted, and the doctor did not reexamine them.
  • Your physician did not understand the proper treatment for your type of cancer, failed to consult a specialist and did not provide the treatment you needed.

Patients with obvious cancer symptoms should be offered CT scans, MRIs, neurological examinations and other tests to determine if a tumor is present. When a test is ignored or a test’s results are misinterpreted, causing a failure to diagnose, I can launch my own thorough investigation for experienced, client-committed legal representation.

When a serious injury occurs or illness worsens due to medical mistakes, I conduct an in-depth investigation into what happened, to determine if the standard of care was breached; utilize my extensive knowledge of anatomy, medical care and medical jargon; and determine whether that breach was the ultimate cause of your injury.

Speak To An Experienced Attorney

The Law Office of Robert A. Miller has obtained six- and seven-figure settlements and verdicts on behalf of severely injured clients. You can speak to an experienced attorney free of charge by calling 541-359-4331 or contacting my firm online. An evening appointment, or home or hospital visit, is available upon request.