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Woman’s birth-related injury goes undiagnosed for over one year

Advances made in medicine in recent years have caused childbirth to be viewed as a fairly routine procedure. While expectant mothers in Oregon certainly should not fear that they will be harmed while giving birth to their babies, delivery is still a traumatic process that certainly does take its toll on a woman. Part of that toll may indeed be an injury, yet the hope is that any damage that is done during delivery will be quickly identified and dealt with. If it is not, it can linger within a woman and even progress to the point of causing serious health complications.

Often the effects of such an injury are manifested over time. Yet women should be able to count on the skills of their doctors to recognize problems from diagnostic testing or a description of their symptoms. It was a failure to meet such a standard that prompted a woman to sue a physician’s group in Kansas for medical malpractice. She claims that providers belonging to the group should have been able to identify the signs of a tear she sustained during childbirth that was causing her bowel issues. The problem ultimately went unidentified for over a year.

One can only imagine how extensive the damage caused by an injury can be if left untreated for such an extended period of time. Outsiders may think that those who choose to take legal action for such an oversight are looking to punish the doctors that attended to them. In reality, many simply want to ensure that no one else is made to experience what they had to endure. Those looking to take action in such situations may first want to consult with an experienced attorney.