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Oregon’s legislators considering health care reforms

Quality, affordable health care is a major area of concern for many people. Medical costs have risen dramatically in recent years, which some attribute to the frequent number of medical malpractice law suits. However, Oregon’s residents may be on the eve of a new era of health care.

According to one source, the state is aligning itself with many of the key goals of President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), more informally known as ObamaCare. Some attribute this cooperation, in part, to the efforts of Oregon’s Democratic Representative Ron Wyden and Governor John Kitzhaber.

It is yet unclear whether the state’s reforms will also address medical malpractice injuries, which continue to be a cause of concern in an area of law that is becoming very complicated. If you have been injured by a doctor’s faulty treatment or diagnosis, you are likely suffering pain and emotional anguish while struggling to deal with medical bills and lost wages. With all of these distractions, you need an attorney to help you protect your legal rights.

The rules about when you must bring your lawsuit and whether you must notify the doctor ahead of time vary by jurisdiction. In addition, proving that a doctor performed below the expected standards in his or her field usually requires the testimony of experts. However, the doctor’s malpractice insurance or expert may disagree with your own expert’s testimony. In this “battle of experts,” you need an attorney on your side who can advise you on the evidence you need to prove your clam.

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