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Kidney transplant operation gone awry kills donor

A recent story illustrates that surgical errors continue to happen in America’s hospitals, despite improved procedures to manage operating rooms and additional personnel being in place.

According to sources, a donor woman undergoing a kidney transplant operation bled to death on the operating table after her aorta was sliced during surgery. The woman had volunteered for the procedure in order to donate the organ to her younger brother. She is survived by three children.

Although the doctor has not expressly admitted error, the hospital where the incident occurred has voluntarily suspended its Live Donor Organ Transplant Program. The parties are also reported to be considering an expedited procedure for the expected lawsuit, called the fast-track program. Through that process, the parties would discuss settlement through judge-mediated negotiations, thereby potentially avoiding the financial and emotional burden of a trial.

No surgery is entirely without risk. For that reason, it may be impossible to guarantee the success of a surgical procedure in every instance. However, a patient’s consent to an acceptable level of risk does not excuse medical error. You have a right to expect a professional level of care from your doctor. If the care you received did not meet that standard, you may be able to hold your doctor accountable for any errors caused by negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a surgical error, an attorney can review your case and determine whether you might be entitled to compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Source: Fox News, “NYC hospital seeks deal with family of woman who died in botched kidney transplant,” June 11, 2012