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Woman: Doctor never closed surgical wound after hernia operation

Hernias are a fairly common condition in which one’s intestines breach the wall of abdominal muscle meant to keep them in place. Anyone in Eugene who has ever tried to lift something too heavy, contorted him or herself oddly while playing sports or been in a traumatic accident might know the pain of a hernia all too well.

But just because hernias are not unusual does not mean treating them is always routine. One woman recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit because the doctor she saw for hernia surgery was, she claims, negligent in operating on her and caused her a lot of pain and frustration through his irresponsibility.

According to the woman’s complaint, the hernia surgery went fine, but the doctor never closed her surgical wound properly. Even after she returned to him several times complaining of pain at the site of her surgery, he never admitted his mistake and did not take the appropriate steps to rectify the error, she alleges.

All told, the woman had to suffer through an agonizing recuperation period until the problem was fixed. Her medical bills totaled a whopping $71,000. She has asked for an unspecified amount of damages plus interest.

The doctor whom she is suing and the hospital where he works have denied the woman’s claims.

Whatever the outcome of this case, we wish the woman all the best as she tries to get her life back on track. We also hope that her lawsuit, be it successful or not, serves as a reminder to all medical professionals that they must be responsible and attentive or they will held accountable for their lapses.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman sues WVU Board of Governors for medical malpractice,” Kayla Asbury, June 6, 2012