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Woman recovers $3.75 million against hospital for birth injury

An American state university hospital has agreed to settle a birth injury case for $3.75 million.

In her suit, the woman alleged that hospital staff had been negligent in administering her Pitocin, a drug commonly used to help with contractions. The woman claims the hospital staff failed to examine her to determine whether her contractions were already too frequent or strong to benefit from the drug, and further failed to warn her of possible side effects.

Instead of speeding up her delivery, the woman claims that the Pitocin prolonged her labor to 28 hours. Although she did give birth, the woman believes the excessive contractions caused her newborn’s brain injuries, including head trauma and severe retardation.

In Washington, a birth injury is typically defined as any injury that occurs to the mother or the child during the delivery process. Sadly, many such injuries have a permanent impact on a child’s life.

If your newborn has suffered a life-altering injury that you believe was caused by negligent care from your doctor or hospital staff, it is important that you consult with an attorney. An attorney can advise you on the evidence — possibly including expert testimony — that you will need to gather in order to prevail on a claim of medical malpractice. An attorney will help you hold hospital staff accountable for their errors.

Although a monetary recovery may not lessen the life-long impact of a birth injury on your child, it can provide you with the funds to furnish the best possible care to your family going forward.

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