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Pregnancy-related injury at clinic sparks lawsuit

Pregnancy-related injuries suffered by Oregon women at the hands of negligent staff can be devastating. An injury to the mother may have serious, long-lasting consequences. When these injuries are the result of preventable errors or negligence, recovery against those at fault may be possible.

The dire consequences of these injuries are illustrated by a recent lawsuit filed by a woman against a Planned Parenthood clinic. The woman claims she was the victim of medical malpractice. An improperly trained worker gave her an ultrasound at the clinic and a doctor confirmed she was eight weeks pregnant.

Nearly a month later, the woman was still nauseous and bleeding. She went to an emergency room, where another ultrasound showed that the fetus was developing in her fallopian tube, instead of the uterus.

One activist stated that when the woman went to the clinic, the staff should have recognized on the ultrasound that the fetus was not in her uterus. The clinic did not contact the woman to let her know the fetus was still there and that she had a tubal pregnancy. Tubal, or ectopic, pregnancy is often life-threatening for the mother. The clinic was on probation at the time these incidents occurred.

Medical malpractice injuries can take many forms. Injuries may be sustained as a result of negligent medical care throughout a woman’s pre-natal care. A mother may also suffer traumatic birth injuries at the hands of negligent staff during the birth process. When these injuries are caused by preventable errors, the victims may be entitled to compensation and damages.

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