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Sepsis leaves Oregon mother with serious injuries

Expectant mothers in Oregon usually expect the best medical care for prenatal health and childbirth. This is important because even the smallest of errors can result in injury to the mother and her child. Pregnancy-related injuries are not as uncommon as one may think. These injuries arise when a doctor or medical staff fails to properly assess and respond to complications during a woman’s pregnancy and delivery. In many cases, such negligence may give rise to a medical malpractice claim.

The case of one Oregon woman shows the horrible injuries that may result from negligent medical care. The woman alleges that she had a miscarriage, lost the ability to ever have children and had numerous amputations due to the negligence of various doctors and midwives.

In her complaint, the woman says that she was showing signs of sepsis – a severe response to bacteria or other germs in the body. This allegedly led to the amputation of her legs below the knee and part of nine of her fingers. She also says that she suffered decreased kidney function, additional organ damage and can no longer have children.

The woman says she called her healthcare center and spoke to a nurse midwife about her symptoms. Little action was taken, and the next day another midwife allegedly told the woman that her water broke and her unborn child would probably not survive. The midwife then advised her to go home to discuss her options with her husband. Her husband later took her to the emergency room, where she learned her unborn child had died.

There is little doubt the injuries suffered by this woman were devastating. However, any accidental injury, no matter how minor, to a mother and child during prenatal care and childbirth is unacceptable. Those that suffer such injuries at the hands of negligent medical staff may be entitled to compensation.

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