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3-D cancer scanning technology may soon be available in Oregon

Early diagnosis of cancer is vital, as many forms are now treatable. However, if months or years go by without treatment, cancer cells can easily spread to other parts of the body. A failure or delay in diagnosis of cancer can have fatal results, and in some circumstances may result in a wrongful death claim.

Researchers have recently revealed that they have created a new breast cancer scanning technology with 25 times less radiation. The new scans will produce three-dimensional x-ray images, as opposed to the two-dimensional images currently used. The new technology is the result of 10 years of work, and will combat the problem of high doses of radiation while simultaneously improving the quality of images.

Scientists think this could be a very powerful tool to better fight breast cancer. The standard mammogram currently used does not detect 10 to 20 percent of tumors during screening. The new technology gives higher resolution images from various angles. Researchers believe this will assist radiologists in early and prompt diagnosis of breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer, like other forms of cancer, allows for more effective treatment and higher survival rates.

While the technology gives hope to breast cancer patients, it is still in development. As of right now, it is not available to the public. It is hoped that the technique will eventually be adapted for the early diagnosis of other diseases. This would greatly improve the rate of misdiagnosis of a number of fatal conditions and prevent many families from experiencing the unnecessary loss of a loved one to cancer.

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