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Serious birth injury results in boy’s permanent disability

Even among the best Oregon medical facilities, birth injuries can occur. Minor birth injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, will heal over time, allowing a newborn baby to eventually have a healthy, normal life. Other birth injuries are more serious, and leave the baby and his family with permanent disabilities and large medical bills.

Such is the case for one little boy, who has been fighting for his life since his birth last year. The baby suffered traumatic, permanent brain injury when his entire brain was deprived of an adequate amount of oxygen. The rare condition is called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. It is fatal in 60 percent of cases, and 25 percent of surviving babies suffer from a significant handicap.

An emergency C-section was required during his birth, after his mother suffered a uterine rupture during labor. He was born with a faint heartbeat and needed a ventilator in order to breath. He also was unable to eat due to an inability to suck or swallow. His prognosis was bleak, as doctors told the family that he would never be able to walk or talk.

Nearly a year later, he continues to receive intensive therapy. Although insurance covers some of the medical expenses and supplies, many of the expenses are not covered. His constant care has been extremely expensive for his family of five. However, the family continues to fight for their little boy, and with the help of a small business owner, money was recently raised to help with the family’s medical expenses.

In cases such as this, there is no amount of money that can heal the irreparable damage caused by a birth injury. Mounting medical bills and expenses are a real problem for these families. In serious cases babies may require long-term care and therapy for their injuries. The families of those injured should know they may be entitled to file a claim and recover damages if the injuries were caused by negligent doctors or medical staff.

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