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Roseburg chiropractor faces two-year suspension of license

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog know that all medical malpractice claims are unique. Although claims are generally thought to be the product of doctor or hospital staff negligence, that is not always the case.

Eugene residents may be interested to know that a Roseburg chiropractor is currently being investigated by the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners for inappropriate contact with patients. The investigation stems from allegations that the doctor had inappropriate conduct with four female patients.

The board is taking the allegations very seriously. It proposed a two-year suspension for the doctor, which the doctor plans to appeal. He said the charges of inappropriate contact came as a surprise, and that he was innocent. The next step is a contested case hearing before an administrative law judge. Until that hearing date, he continues to practice medicine in the Roseburg area.

The ultimate outcome of the doctor’s case is unknown. For now his future depends on the decision of the administrative law judge appointed to his case. However, his story shows the variety of medical professionals that may be held liable when acting in an inappropriate or negligent manner. This type of behavior can cause injuries to patients on a variety of different levels. In addition to criminal charges or action by the state licensing board, victims of malpractice may be entitled to file a civil claim for relief. This not only allows victims to recover damages against the responsible party, but it ensures the medical professional is held accountable for his or her actions.

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