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Newborn girl dies under care of Oregon midwife

A Bandon, Oregon midwife is facing criminal charges following the death of a baby girl born under her care in 2011. A statement of the child’s mother said the midwife actively discouraged her from seeking medical care. The newborn passed away from septic shock after being born. The midwife reached a plea deal and plead guilty to reckless endangerment. In addition to her criminal sentence, she will also be required to be licensed before attending to any future births. It is unknown whether the baby girl’s family will be pursuing a civil claim for relief.

Pregnancy-related injury results in medical malpractice claim

Pregnancy is a joyous time for families across Oregon. The excitement and anticipation of meeting your child can be rivaled by few other events in life. The celebration can abruptly be cut short, however, when a mother experiences a pregnancy-related injury during the birth process. Injuries to the mother during this critical time period can be serious and fatal.

Malpractice suit claims surgery performed on wrong side of brain

As many Oregon patients have experienced, medical mistakes can happen at even the best medical facilities. Hospital staff negligence can take many forms. It may result in a patient being administered the wrong medication, surgical errors or the failure to diagnose a disease. Even for those who protect the rights of injured patients, shocking claims of medical malpractice have been asserted in a new lawsuit filed against a Midwest doctor.

Doctor with history of malpractice claims put on probation

Physician neglect is one of the leading causes of patient injury in Eugene. In many circumstances, this kind of negligence can lead to malpractice and wrongful death claims. It can also result in a doctor temporarily or permanently losing his or her license to practice medicine.

Medical board accuses doctor of negligence after patient's death

Following the death of a patient, a California doctor is facing multiple accusations by the state medical board. He has been accused of gross negligence, numerous negligent acts and unprofessional conduct among other charges. The accusations were made after his patient died from complications surrounding the placement of a pacemaker.

America's newborn mortality rate tops that of similar countries

Birth injuries and pregnancy-related injuries are often some of the most serious and heart-breaking cases. Birth injuries can cause life-long health problems for Oregon children that require significant medical care. All too often, medical providers make preventable errors that result in permanent disabilities. The most egregious medical mistakes may even result in the wrongful death of a newborn.

Study finds diagnostic errors leading cause of malpractice claims

Oregon patients may be interested to learn of a recent study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The study discovered surprising information concerning the leading type of errors that give rise to medical malpractice lawsuits. The findings of the study published in the journal BMJ Quality and Safety show that diagnostic errors were more likely to cause patient harm, and resulted in a higher number of claims and payouts when compared to surgical or medication mistakes.

Eugene doctor sued for excessive prescription of addictive drugs

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog are aware that medical mistakes happen at even the best medical facilities. In many cases, these mistakes do not cause any patient injury and often go unreported. Unfortunately, it often takes a fatal accident and wrongful death claim to raise awareness among Oregon residents of the prevalence of medical malpractice.

Large verdict for family of child with cerebral palsy

Oregon residents may be interested to know that a jury in another state recently awarded $130 million to the family of a child who suffers from serious permanent disabilities related to cerebral palsy. The jury concluded that the girl suffered her condition because of an injury during the delivery process.

ER docs accused of failing to diagnose a heart attack

Just like in other parts of the country, emergency rooms in Oregon hospitals can quickly get crowded with patients who need immediate care. While emergency room doctors often have to make the best decisions they can in a short period of time, they still can be held accountable for a failure to diagnose when a condition goes untreated.


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