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$6.4 million awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit


Eugene patients expect the best medical care from their doctors and medical team. These expectations are generally upheld, but serious consequences can stem from medical mistakes. but when it does, a mistake during surgery, negligence by pharmaceutical workers or a misdiagnosis from a family doctor can cause significant patient harm.

One successful medical malpractice lawsuit shows the potentially deadly consequences of medical malpractice. The lawsuit was filed by a Midwest man and his wife after he suffered a stroke in 2007. The complaint alleges the victim’s negligent physician failed to diagnose and treat an infection. This infection led the victim to suffer an acute stroke.

The victim was originally diagnosed with a heart condition by his doctor in 1996. The condition was confirmed in 2001 with an echocardiogram. According to the plaintiffs, the doctor did not order any follow up tests after that point in time and didn’t address the condition after 2002. Several years later in 2007, the victim became very sick. He complained to his doctor of various symptoms including abdominal pain, fatigue and loss of appetite. His doctor referred him to other physicians but not to a cardiologist. The victim reportedly felt like he was dying, and his wife called his physician asking that he be admitted to the hospital. He told her to first wait for test results from a specialist. A short time later, the victim suffered an acute stroke from an infection on his heart valve.

The stroke has had a huge impact on the victim’s life. He is no longer able to work and the right side of his body is restricted. He also has difficulty with words and his short-term memory was damaged. After going to trial, the couple was able to secure a very favorable outcome. The jury appointed to the case awarded them $6.4 million. The large jury award gives hope to victims of malpractice across the country and shows that doctors can be held accountable for their mistakes.

Source:, “Maryland Heights couple win $6.4 million medical malpractice verdict,” Walker Moskop, July 9, 2013